Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan's Breakup Leaves Fans Devastated

Channing Tatum and his soon-to-be ex-wife Jenna Dewan announced their shocking split Monday, just months after rumors spread that Dewan was pregnant.

It was clearly a decision that fans didn’t see coming as they reacted on social media.

Fans Mourn Channing And Jenna's Split

Tatum and Dewan were married for almost nine years before they decided to split for good. It didn’t take long for fans to mourn the news on Twitter.

One fan used Tyra Banks’s infamous “I was rooting for you" moment to describe her thoughts on the separation.

Another said Tatum and Dewan’s split was just another on the list of other celebrities who surprised fans when they called it quits. They noted that they hoped famous couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively would never follow suit.

One fan said they lost hope in romantic things after Tatum and Dewan publicly showed their love and affection recently.

Another attempted to convince Tatum and Dewan why they should stay together.

One fan said that while they are sad about the split, girls probably have their eyes on Tatum now that he’s back on the market.

Another said she didn’t want to speak to anyone as she took time to grieve over the news.

One expressed her shock and pointed out that Tatum and Dewan seemed just right for one another.

Another said they wanted to throw all of 2018 away thanks to the separation.

One made light of the decision and played off of Dewan’s last name when he reacted to the news.

Another said they were fearful of the idea of a couple like Tatum and Dewan being able to lose affection for one another in a seemingly sudden way.

One fan said she was more than frustrated over the split.

Another blasted fans who had given up on love because of Tatum and Dewan’s decision.

Channing And Jenna Announce Their Split

Tatum and Dewan let the fans know about their decision when they released a joint statement via social media. They made it clear that it was an amicable split and said that while they still love one another, they have decided it was best for them to go their separate ways.

They shut down any possible speculation of infidelity or any other form of scandal that fans might think have caused their breakup. They said they still see one another as family and added that the statement was the first and last time they would speak on their separation.

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