If Cindy Crawford could do it again, there are some nude photo shoots that the model would have said no to.

She opened up about posing nude as well as protecting her daughters who are following in her footsteps.

Cindy On Nude Photo Shoots

Crawford candidly spoke about her decisions to pose nude in a recent interview.

“I’ve done nude photos, lots,” said Crawford. “The only ones I regretted were the ones that I kind of got talked into.”

She hopes her daughters, Kaia and Presley Gerber, will have a different story to tell as they make their own mark in the modeling industry, she added.

“I don’t want my children to ever look back and think, ‘Gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that,’” said Crawford. “I want to empower them to just say, ‘I’m outta here.’”

Don't Come For Her Kids

While Crawford talked about nude photo shoots she regretted, she also said she’s thankful she has never been harassed or a victim of the #MeToo movement during her days as a younger model. While she continued and said she has concerns about Presley and Kaia having uncomfortable experiences that dozens of women in Hollywood have attested to, she said she’s confident they’ll be okay.

“My kids are blessed in that business because they aren’t coming in as unknowns,” said Crawford. “People will know I will come after them if they mess with my kids.”

She said she also has hopes that her daughters will stay true to themselves and do what they believe is right, despite the pressures that the industry can bring. She said she and her husband, Rande Gerber, taught their daughters by being good examples for them and setting family as a priority despite their busy schedules.

A Close-Knit Family

It looks like it’s safe to say their parenting style worked because now the family seems to be closer than ever. Crawford said she’s not ashamed to be a “helicopter parent” for Kaia. She said that she even threatens to find Kaia via her Uber profile if Kaia doesn’t respond to her text messages soon enough.

Still, Crawford opened up about her special bond with Kaia and said she gave her one-on-one modeling tips when she was just a little girl. Playing a game of photo shoot and runway was a typical night in their home as Crawford taught Kaia to keep correct posture and how to pose.

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