Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have split up for a month now but according to a new report, their relationship may not be over for good.

While Gomez and Bieber have not been seen with one another for weeks, an insider claims that Bieber's post-split behavior has actually been impressive to Gomez, and she's said to be quite happy with his ongoing patience.

“She’s asked him for time and space because she felt herself getting too stressed,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life on Thursday, April 5.

Although Gomez was happy to be back with Bieber last year when they reconciled in October, the insider said that their relationship ultimately proved to be stressful for the 25-year-old singer, which is why she decided to tone things down and ask Bieber for some time and space from their romance.

Selena And Justin Headed For A Reunion?

While nothing is for sure, the Hollywood Life source said that Gomez's recent feelings about the situation seem to hint that a reunion is a certain possibility. Gomez has reportedly taken major notice of Bieber's maturity throughout their break and is happy that he didn't make too much drama out of their situation. 

As for what Bieber can do if he wants to get Gomez back for good, the insider advised the singer to continue being mature and allow her to see how much he's grown in the years since they first began their relationship.

“If he can continue to show her more of the same maturity, he has a real shot at winning her back for good,” the insider explained. “But she wants to see consistency, to see that he’s willing to wait for her. She knows this isn’t easy, but she’s worth it,” said the insider.

Selena Dissed By An Ex

Earlier this month, after The Weeknd released his new album, My Dear Melancholy, rumors began swirling in regard to a Gomez diss track, which allegedly spoke of his 10-month relationship with his fellow musician.

In a song titled "Call Out My Name," The Weeknd seemed to suggest that his entire romance with Gomez was a "mistake." He even appeared to give a nod to her kidney transplant surgery, claiming he nearly volunteered himself for the risky surgery in 2017.