After having cheated on his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, who had forgiven him, Jax Taylor is breaking up with her, as revealed on Vanderpump Rules.

The unpredictable move shocked everyone, especially after Taylor's recent meltdown. People were left speechless after knowing that it was the 38-year-old who broke up with Cartwright, who stuck with him through thick and thin, even with other people, including Lisa Vanderpump, prodding her to leave the guy.

It was just weeks after the public knew the details of Taylor's unfaithfulness with Faith Stowers, which Cartwright had already forgiven. So basically, the recent news left people wondering where the controversial reality star was coming from.


In a preview, Taylor can be seen talking with Cartwright, throwing out the usual break-up formula lines, "It's not you it's me" and "I'm not happy." He said he wasn't the right man for her and explained she deserved a lot of things, including having kids, getting married, and being treated like a princess.

"I'm not happy with myself. I don't like who I am, and it's not because of you. Look at all the s- I've caused this summer. Look at everything," Taylor stressed.

Cartwright understandably got mad and a bit hysterical for what she had heard and couldn't help but ask about the timing he had done this. But Taylor reiterated he wanted to be alone to work things out.

"He's cheated on me, he's begged for me back, he's played mind games with me. And I know that he's not changing and he's always going to be the same Jax Taylor he always has been," she said to camera.

Indeed, the public have become aware of the things she had to put up with and those moments she chose to swallow her pride and sail ahead with her man. For next week, the teaser for Vanderpump Rules showed Taylor regretting his hasty decision, while Cartwright decided to be a little bit friendly with a barback.

However, people should take into consideration that the episodes on Vanderpump Rules had been shot from months ago, and this episode was from August last year. Things could have already changed by now. As per Cartwright's social media posts, she and Taylor are still together, despite the nerve-wracking break-up episode.

In December, Taylor revealed he and Cartwright are staying strong and that he had changed for the better. He further explained that they were sort of in a better place and he remained dedicated in keeping his girl unhurt.