Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright may have remained together after his cheating but not everyone is a fan of their relationship -- by any means.

In addition to the many fans online who have slammed Cartwright for allowing Taylor to cheat on her and speak horribly about her after his affair, the couple's Vanderpump Rules co-star, Lala Kent, doesn't believe they should be together.

“Even if he never cheats again, I just don’t feel like he dotes on her. And I want him to be someone who’s like ‘What can I get you, my love?’” Kent told People Now, according to a report by the Celebrity Insider.

As fans well know, Taylor has never been considered as a doting boyfriend to Cartwright and once faced backlash for comments he made to her about making him a sandwich. A couple of seasons ago, after moving in with one another, Taylor acted as if making him a sandwich was the least Cartwright could do since he pays all of their bills.

As for Kent's own relationship with Randall Emmett, which has been going strong for the past two years, she recently told Us Weekly that she would love to one day get married and start a family with the film producer.

“We’re not in a rush to get married, but yeah, I see that happening,” the reality star explained. “And I see us having a family, it’s just all about timing.”

Kent and Emmett began dating when Emmett was married to Ambyr Childers, which quickly resulted in a number of home-wrecker rumors on Vanderpump Rules. However, as the reality star later explained, Childers moved on from her marriage to Emmett before they got together and is now engaged to her longtime partner. Kent also confirmed that Emmett and Childers were separated when they began dating.

Before dating Emmett, Kent indulged in a short-lived fling with her co-star, James Kennedy, who appears to be struggling in a major way to get over the fact that she is now with someone new -- and someone more successful than he is.

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