Even the hilarious Jimmy Fallon couldn’t hold back tears when talking about Tina Fey. The late-night host got emotional over the comedienne.

From Jokes To Tears

While Fallon and Tina Fey popped up on fans at Mean Girls: The Musical, it was Fallon who seemed to get the most choked up. Fallon and Fey go back to the earlier days of NBC’s sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. He made it clear that he is proud of Fey when he raved about how far the star, who wrote the Mean Girls film that is now a musical, has come.

Of course, in true Fallon and Fey fashion, there were funny moments involved in the surprise. Still, one of the most talked about wasn’t intentional. When Fey, out of her excitement, tripped and fell on the ground, it was Fallon who got right on the ground with her.

It was clear that he was already emotional when he stood back up. He joked that he needed to “take a breath” and then claimed he was taking “hormone pills.”

He had a serious moment and said Fey is a person who he has been lucky to meet and get to know.

“I met you when I was 23, I believe you were 45,” said Fallon with a laugh. “And I was lucky enough to work with you and grow with you and learn from you.”

He went on to salute Fey for not only having goals and aspirations but for making sure they actually happened.

Jimmy Salutes Tina

“You didn’t get served this, you didn’t get given this as a gift,” said Fallon. “I know firsthand, you worked so hard and found a voice and found your way, and you made your own dreams come true, and most importantly you made other people feel like they can do the same thing.”

He poked fun at their ages once again before he had another serious moment. He pointed out that he is a father of two daughters and said he can only hope that they grow up to be like Fey, who he described as assertive and brave.

A fan who was present also spoke up and thanked Fey for her fearless attitude. She told Fey that she has empowered her and other young women to go after their dreams, no matter how big or crazy they might seem.

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