Is This Allison Mack's Recruitment Video For Sex Cult NXIVM?


Allison Mack has found herself in the middle of a controversy for her connection with sex cult NXIVM. Now, what seems to be her recruitment video has resurfaced.

The video, uploaded in October 2013, has gained close to 300,000 views as of writing. The clip was given light a day after the Smallville actress was released from federal custody after securing a $5-million bond. Harrowing details are starting to appear, and the footage seemed to be for recruitment as she raves for the NXIVM's arm.

NXIVM Subgroup JNess

In the clip, Mack answered some questions from fans, like how she wants to be remembered. Another query asked how it's like working for JNess, a sub group of NXIVM, which she revealed was the "most gratifying" thing she had ever done. It was clear that she gushed over the secret empowerment group and even shared the dynamics of it.

"It's the most challenging because it consists of working with a group of people who are interdependent. No one is ever punished or told that they're wrong or they're bad," Mack said.

Her statement clearly goes against what was reported, as the sex cult NXIVM was said to brand women like animals. Mack's statements on the video were chilling, as she also talked about how it was a privilege being a witness to the "pure way" of transformation of women.

Even more creepy about the supposed recruitment video is that the 35-year-old was actually all smiles and upbeat the entire time, and anyone watching the clip would probably have no hint of the darkness behind the group.

"[I]t's like a whole other life is born out of their new experience with themselves, and that's an incredibly satisfying and gratifying thing to do," Mack also said.

Probably to lure women into joining, the details were the total opposite of what had been reported the past few months. Clueless viewers could easily say that JNess is a great organization, based on Mack's words.


Mack was arrested last week for sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy. She was accused of being a "master" in the sex cult NXIVM led by Keith Rainiere, whom she was reported to have a sexual relationship with and who was arrested in late March.

As a master, her task was to recruit women to join their group, which was masked as a an empowerment group. Upon membership, women were branded with cauterizing pen with Raniere's initials and Mack readied them for intercourse with the NXIVM leader.

The New York Times exposé last year prompted the media to give wide coverage on the sex cult NXIVM. Whistle-blower and former member Sarah Edmondson shared the details of the group.

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