Amanda Bynes is making her return to the Hollywood spotlight sooner than later. The once-troubled actress is said to be doing much better now.

Amanda Bynes Is Back

Bynes was spotted at one of her first events in years. She attended the fundraiser in support of Pat Harris who is running for a seat in the California Senate.

An insider said Bynes is knowledgeable about what’s going on in the political community and wanted to stand with Harris, who is challenging Dianne Feinstein for the coveted position.

“She is doing really well and basically just living her life,” said the source of Bynes Monday.

It looks like this could be the beginning of Bynes making a comeback to the spotlight.

“There are times when she is more active on social media and then will stop because sadly, people can just be so negative,” the source added.

Amanda The Fashion Stylist

Still, while Bynes hasn’t been out and about, she has been following her new passion for fashion. The actress is set to graduate from a fashion school within the next few months.

She reportedly was booted from the school after being placed under involuntary psychiatric hold roughly four years ago. However, she was able to enroll back in the fashion school the following year.

It might also be safe to say she’s enjoying her life as she shared a photo of her and a few friends at a dinner back in February. It had been more than a year since she last posted on social media.

She'll Be Back In Hollywood In No Time

Word is, fans will start seeing more of Bynes as she’s ready to come back to Hollywood this year.

“[Amanda] is very excited about the next chapter of her professional life,” added an insider. “Amanda will make it a reality – 2018 is going to be Amanda’s triumphant return!”

Although she has made her own comeback on social media slowly but surely, she also reportedly was livid with Twitter as several fake accounts asked for money under her name online. The accounts claimed Bynes needed help with medical bills.

While one of the accounts has been removed, Bynes’s family lawyer spoke out on her behalf and revealed Bynes requested all of the fake accounts be taken down. She called out the accounts that poke fun at her mental illness and said it was “[terrorizing]” the star, with each message sent under her name.

Bynes's financial estate had also been put back in her name after a judge decided she was responsible enough to care for her funds again. Her mother had gained control of her finances during her breakdown.

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