Meghan Markle Shamelessly Playing Victim On Taxpayers' Money, Piers Morgan Says

Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain TV host Piers Morgan has yet again fired some scathing remarks to Meghan Markle, claiming that the Duchess if Sussex intentionally plays the "victim card" to gain sympathy.

Morgan went on one of his infamous rants on Good Morning Britain again and said that Markle has almost nothing to complain about with her life; however, she loves to parade herself as a victim so nobody is allowed to criticize them anymore.

"Stop the whining honestly. Being a royal is the easiest thing in the world." Morgan said.

Sussanna Reid, Morgan's co-host on the show, tried interjecting her defense for the new royal by saying that Morgan is being too harsh. She also noted that playing the victim card is a horrible way to describe it.

Piers, however, was relentless and continued how society today does not need priviledged and wealthy people complain on and on about how terrible their lives are.

This is also related to one of Morgan's complaints before regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary trip to Africa. In the documentary, the royal couple shared their experiences on what it is like living in the spotlight.

The royals were interviewed on what it was like having constant and harsh criticism directed towards them by the media.

Piers Morgan then went on to Twitter with his own thoughts on the entire documentary:

"Imagine being two staggeringly priviledged royal multi-miliionaires to make a documentary that supposedly shines a light on poverty, violence and racian inequality - then in fact making it all about their own struggle?"

Morgan's thoughts and feelings on the Duchess are clear as day for viewers, as the Duchess reportedly ditched and "ghosted" him the day after she went on a date with Prince Harry. Morgan said that he and Markle were friends for over two years and they always saw each other as close friends.

It was not until Markle went on a cab to one party where Prince Harry was attending, the next night after that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on a date together. After that, Morgan never heard from her since.

This completely changed Morgan's perspective on Markle, as he now labels her as fake and manipulative -- a social climber who has reached the top by marrying into the royal family.

In a recent poll, Morgan was ranked above Markle in terms of popularity of London's most influential people. Morgan said how awkward it must be for Meghan to be lower than him in terms of popularity considering she is a royal.

Piers Morgan also clarified that his thoughts on Meghan Markle were never racially charged. Her ethnicity is the least of his worries, as what bothers him the most is Markle constantly playing the victim to gain sympathy.

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