What Makes Queen Elsa, Princess Anna Different From Other Disney Princesses -- REVEALED!

As we draw closer to the theater release of "Frozen 2" on November 22, more questions about Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are brought to light.

First, why are they not Official Disney Princesses? Rumors have been circulating that the Frozen franchise is already huge in its own right that the royal sisters of Arendelle need not be crowned as Official Disney Princesses.

Meanwhile, fans are questioning why non-princesses like Mulan are considered a Disney Princess and the royals of Arendelle are not.

The Making of a Disney Princess

While the theory that Frozen is already popular as it is, the truth is there are requirements that a Disney Princess should meet.

Apart from being created by Disney or Pixar, the character should be royal or married to royalty (like Mulan).

However, the character should not be a ruler or leader during the first film. Elsa's Coronation Day was seen early on in the premier of "Frozen."

About Princess Anna, while she technically meets the previous requirements, she fails in one category: having an animal companion. At this point, Jane from Tarzan, Kida from Atlantis, and Mergara from Hercules all lost the chance to be made official.

The Making of a Disney Heroine

Disney has been making a shift from Disney Princess towards Disney Heroines. Modern heroines include Mulan, Merida, and Moana.

The Disney Heroine is stronger than ever and even the cast of "Frozen" and the sequel feel empowered through their roles.

Kristen Bell who plays Anna in both films empowers her daughters by asking thought-provoking questions at the end of a fairytale book. Idina Menzel does not tire of singing 'Let It Go' because she believes it reminds women to embrace their power.

In the Indian release of the sequel, Disney has tapped Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra who is known to speak widely about women empowerment.

Changes in Frozen 2

"The fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all," were Queen Elsa's words in the first film. She was held by fear all her life and the moment she got freedom was the best feeling for her.

Yet, Elsa gave more importance to family when she left her comfort zone. She faced her fears of going back to Arendelle if it meant saving her sister from her evil suitor Prince Hans.

In "Frozen II," the royal sisters are set to find out how Elsa got her ice powers. They traded their royal gowns for pants, or at least leggings. They dive into icy waters and into an enchanted forest for the journey.

Fans are ecstatic over the Queen's new outfit, even sporting a low ponytail instead of a chignon. Others noted Elsa's outfit was a nod to the 2018 Broadway adaptation of the film where Caissie Levy wore pants in her role as Queen Elsa.

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