Justin Bieber as Cupid? Better Beliebe It!

Justin Bieber is set to play as the god of desire, Cupid in a new animated musical.

In a new upcoming animation studio Mythos studios established last year by Marvel Studios founding chairman, David Maisel and SB Projects founder and Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braum.

Maisel is known to be one of Marvel's secret architects to its success, as the man responsible for turning Marvel Studios into a multibillion-dollar empire.

Scooter Braun has also been known to have a knack for spotting talent like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande,

This popstar was chosen to be the voice of Cupid himself.

The film is also set to be the first addition into the developing "Mythoverse," a shared cinematic universe containing stories from Greek and Roman gods.

Cupid has also been revealed to revolve around the mythological tale of Cupid and mortal princess Pscyhe.

The voice actress for Psyche is still left undecided by the studio, they are still looking for someone who could really embody Psyche's character: someone who is of royalty and someone who is so beautiful, she intimidated the god of beauty, Aphrodite.  

 The film is also directed by legendary director Pete Candeland.

Candeland is most famous for his work on the music videos for the 2D band Gorillaz. Candeland's has been praised by Rolling Stone Magazine as "jaw-dropping".

It is also revealed that Cupid won't be the all-romantic god of desire as shown from other interpretations, but a winged archer with an attitude.

Alongside Cupid, two animated films are also underway at the studio: "Fathom" an undersea superhero epic, and "Soulfire," the saga of an orphaned boy who is an heir to magic.

Despite a newcomer to the voice acting scene, Justin has reportedly been very exciting at the news.

On June 2018, he posted a photo on Instagram to what seemed like a black and white sketch for the upcoming film.

Only recently, we were given a small glimpse of what the character would look like.

Bieber posted a photo on his Instagram that could either be concept art for the film or a small glimpse into the art style and animation the film will release to the public. The photo had Cupid sitting at the edge of a cliff, staring at the distance while the sun was setting.

It also seemed like a cartooned version of Justin Bieber.

The film is set on a Greek tale set around the 4th century B.C but aside from that no other details and information has been released to the public surrounding the movie. That includes release dates.

Justin Bieber might not be the real god of war but it seems like he's all set to steal a lot of hearts as Cupid.

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