Meghan Markle Takes Queen Elizabeth’s Advice, Finally!

Meghan Markle has a firm stance on all that she believes in. There is no stopping her from her advocacies -- not even heavy backlash from British tabloids or her critics like Piers Morgan can stop her.

No, Meghan is on her way to becoming an international humanitarian whatever it takes.

But Duchess Meghan is a newlywed. As Hilary Clinton puts it, Meghan and Harry fell in love. Yet, the Sussex Royals have not had peace from the press since they got married.

Even when they were still dating, Meg was already being thrown with racial discrimination on tabloids. She begged for it, some would say.

New Mom Struggles

Again, the Duchess received harsh criticisms over calling herself a working mom traveling with a baby. She has her staff and Baby Archie's nanny around wherever she goes.

Critics would call her a whining actress ungrateful of having servants and living in a palace.

But is that what Meghan wants? Meg is not one to just laze around, no. Even when Michelle Obama told her to take it easy on the first year, Meg went full speed onwards.

The Duchess of Sussex may have fixed determination on what she wants to achieve, but her body is not having anymore. Not that the Duchess is sick, but she famously confirmed she is not ok and struggling with royal life, negative press, being a newlywed and a mom.

The Queen Steps In

While rumors have been circulating that Senior Royals are frustrated at the Duchess' revelation with the press, what we see in reality is understanding from the Queen.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II drives to Frogmore Cottage every now and then to check on the Sussex family. They were also allowed to go on a 6-week sabbatical starting mid-week November and including the holiday season.

Finally Heeds Advice

After receiving much emotional support and hearing words like "Hang in there; Keep doing what you think is right" from Hilary Clinton, Meghan Markle regained her strength.

Meg has come to her senses and heeds the advices of the Queen as well as Clinton and Obama.

Sussex Royals Family Bonding

The Sussex's Windsor neighbors had a pleasant surprise when they saw Harry, Meg, and Baby Archie at a local playgroup session.

Six-month-old Baby Archie loved playgroup, his parents revealed. Harry, for one, was relieved to see he was not the only dad at the playgroup.

The first-time parents had no qualms about letting Baby Archie crawl around at the playgroup and play with the other babies.

In fact, Baby Archie has found his first friends -- two red-haired babies, just like him!

"Gingers stick together!" chuckled his dad.

Baby Archie was not the only one who had fun at playgroup. Even Meg said it was a lot of fun for her, too.

Hopefully she got to bond with other new and seasoned moms there, too.

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