"Fast and Furious 9" wrapped up filming for its May 22, 2020 cinema release.

The film is seriously star-studded with John Cena, Charlize Therone, and even Cardi B joining the FF9 Cast.

One controversial character in the franchise is rumored to come out of retirement. Paul Walker's character Brian O' Conner, at the least bit, may make a cameo on FF9.

Celebrity scoop insider Daniel Richtman was the mind behind the "Fast and Furious 9" leak. According to him, "It has been long enough [Brian's retirement from the franchise]."

Paul Walker 'Brian' Recast a Tough Call

Paul Walker is strongly linked to his role as the undercover cop and professional racer in the franchise. He was filming "Furious 7" when he died on a car crash on November 30, 2013 alongside professional driver Roger Rodas.

Walker had won Teen Choice Awards for his performance on the franchise. He received the award for "2 Fast 2 Furious" and a second time, for "Furious 7" albeit after he died.

Walker and Vin Diesel also won MTV's Best On-Screen Duo for the sixth and seventh installments.

Who Could Take His Place?

It has been six years since Walker's passing. O' Conner was placed in retirement after Walker's death. His look-a-like brother Cody and Caleb Walker worked with the cast to give Paul's role a proper farewell on "Furious 7."

The "Furious 7" ending was made possible with CGI effects. It was met without criticism, rather many praised the franchise for the touching send-off to Paul's character.

But with rumors circulating that Brian O' Conner is being recast, franchise fans are disappointed.

Could Cody Walker take on the role his brother held since the first film? While Cody has been seen on set, rumors have it that he may be introduced as a different character.

Cody and Caleb previously said that doing the "Furious 7" ending gave them a kind of closure from Paul's death. It is hardly possible that the franchise will bring back Paul's character through CGI again.

Brian O' Connor Family on 9th Installment

Brian's wife, Mia Torreto, has been confirmed for the ninth installment. Jordana Brewster -- who plays Mia -- revealed that "Fast and Furious 9" is set out to be "bigger and better."

Brewster was on set as early as Day 4 with a young child actor named Isaac, who will play Baby Ryan, possibly the child of Mia and Brian. Isaac revealed that Fast 9 is his favorite.

Brian O' Connor is known as an adrenaline junkie. "Furious 7" opened up with Brian missing the fast life and bullets. Before he set out to ambush a former enemy, he promised to his wife it will be the last and will be a family man after.

"Furious 7" ended with his team determined to give Brian and Mia a life of peace. In the eighth installment "The Fate of the Furious," the team restrained themselves from asking for O' Connor's help.

Vin Diesel revealed that "Fast and Furious 9" will return to its roots. Diesel shared a video on Instagram alongside Michelle Rodriguez at a race track from the first installment.

Surely, Brian has to be there!

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