When a person is photographed in a scandalous situation, it is not something that person will simply forget. However, such is not the case for Prince Andrew, Duke of York and second son of the British monarch.

BBC News Night released an almost hour-long interview with Prince Andrew taken at Buckingham Palace.

First, the Duke denied the sex allegations made by Virginia Roberts in legal court documents in 2015. Over and over, he would say he had no recollection of ever meeting his accuser.

The Duke of York would deny ever having sex with any of Jeffrey Epstein's trafficked minor girls as well. He added that such a "positive act [sex] is hard to forget."

Prince Andrew could not blatantly call out his accuser as a liar, nor her allegations lies. He would not, unless obliged, give his own statements under oath, too.

Roberts provided a photograph to support her allegations. It showed herself beside Prince Andrew with the royal's arm around her waist. It was taken at Ghislain Maxwell's house, where Roberts claims she was coerced for the second time by the British prince.

The Duke of York admitted it was him in the photograph, but not in the way it was depicted. He denied it was his hand around Roberts' waist.

Prince Andrew also said it was not Epstein who took the photograph, even saying he would have worn a suit and tie.

Interestingly, at first, the Duke denied being there until he said that if he was there, he could not remember going upstairs where the photograph was supposedly taken.

So while the Duke said he has only been to the first floor of the house, he could recognize the photo as being taken from the upstairs of the residence.

The 59-year-old royal further stressed that "public displays of affection are not something that [he] would do." Besides, he would "take very, very few photos."

Now photographs that may have slipped his mind have been leaked on the internet. These are scandalous photos that debunk his alibis.

Damning Photos

The Duke said he could not have sweated profusely, as Roberts alleged when he coerced with her. The photographs taken at St Tropez, France, however, showed him sweating heavily -- something he said could not have happened due to his medical condition.

The father-of-two to the Princesses of York said his monicker as a "party prince" was a bit of a stretch, as he was single for a long time. He never felt the need or have ever really partied as he would say.

A photograph at the party, nonetheless, showed Prince Andrew sans suit and tie -- in a party with his daughter Princess Beatrice.

The Duke of York was seen in scandalous displays of public affection with many women in vast photograph, including socialites like Pascale Bourbeau and Chris Von Aspen who was darting towards his neck.

The photographs were taken in 2007. Epstein was arrested in 2006 for sexual assault of a minor. Two months later, he was invited to Princess Bea's 18th birthday at Windsor.

Yet, Prince Andrew denied being close friends with Epstein.

More scandalous photographs of PR girls kissing Prince Andrew at a charity party in London showed up, taken as far back as 1990.

The British royalty would be trying to save face now. With an overwhelming number of photographs leaked to bust his alibis, Prince Andrew may begin to regret the things he said in that interview.

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