Meghan Markle Disgusted With Prince Andrew: Underage Sex Involvement Triggers Her

Sources close to Meghan Markle revealed that the Duchess of Sussex was reportedly horrified by how Prince Andrew, Duke of York refuted the allegations he had sex with trafficked teenagers.

In the now-infamous BBC News Night Interview, Emily Maitlis straightforward asked Prince Andrew if there was any chance he had sex with the girls trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke would go on to remark, "For a man it is a positive act to have sex with somebody," hence it would be impossible to forget. He went on to categorically deny having sex with Epstein's girls. He further denied involvement in the pedophile's illegal business.

Meghan Markle is a widely-known feminist and humanitarian. She previously supported the #MeToo and Time's Up movements having said, "Now is the time for women to be heard."

According to friend of the Duchess who was reportedly present at the interview, Meghan was at the very least, aghast and disgusted.  She explained that the Duchess was horrified at the Duke's description of sex as a "positive act."

Meg herself did not gave a statement.

Jeffrey Epstein Arrest

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6 for trafficking of minors. On Aug. 9, previously sealed court documents were released to the public. The Duke of York was caught up in the conundrum along with Epstein, Brit socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, and many other high-profiled men.

On Aug. 10, Epstein died by suicide in jail, leaving many unanswered questions. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace backed the Duke days later telling NBC that any implications of impropriety by the Duke towards underage minors are "categorically untrue."

Using Meghan for Distractions?

The Duchess of Sussex is having a tough year with the British tabloids burning her every move. Critics magnified her guest-editing for British Vogue, a grand star-studded baby shower, flying to Ibiza on a private plane, and to top it off that ITV documentary.

Recently, Meghan broke in tears on-camera. She just gave birth, was traveling on royal duties, and the tabloids are not letting her rest with racist criticisms, even of Baby Archie.

Surprisingly, on Sept. 26, Princess Beatrice announced her engagement. Another royal conveniently making enough news for the tabloids to feast on. 

Royal fans were puzzled as to why Buckingham Palace would come to Prince Andrew's defence at a moment's instance and kept mum on the lies and racism hit at Meg and Archie.

Wrong, Wrong Move

Now that the Sussex Royals are on a six-week sabbatical from royal duties, Prince Andrew decided to do a nationwide interview at Buckingham Palace.

"There is never a good time to discuss this," he revealed before using the opportunity to clear his name.

British broadcaster Piers Morgan, one of Meghan's strongest critics shifts for a moment to Prince Andrew dubbing him Prince Pinnochio. Piers would go on to say that he "believes [the Duke's] vehement denials a lot less now than before the hot mess interview."

The Queen continues to believe her son albeit allowing him to "step down from royal duties in the foreseeable future" on Nov. 20. While reports would say Prince Andrew got sacked, he was seen riding with equestrians with his mum on Nov. 22.

Prince Andrew may continue to receive money from the Queen's Privy Purse.

What Now?

It is expected that the rest of the working royals will have an increased workload following the Duke of York's decision to step back from royal duties.

As the royal heir Prince Charles has long kept the number of working royals fairly small, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be obliged with more royal duties in the coming year.

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