Supermodel Petra Nemcova Details Premature Birth In a Remote Area During a Storm

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova has given birth to a baby boy. She emotionally shared in an Instagram post how she unexpectedly gave birth a few weeks earlier. 

The Czech supermodel and husband, Benjamin Larretche, are now parents to a healthy baby boy. She gave birth on Nov. 15, 2019, but only announced it yesterday.

Interestingly, the 40-year-old was six weeks ahead of her expected due date. 

The Premature Birth Story

Nemcova posted a photo of a hand holding a baby's foot. In her caption, she wrote how truly happy they were as they welcomed their little angel in their nest.

Petra shared how her baby came out only at 34 weeks in a remote area during a storm. In detail, she shared how she was about to give birth to their baby in the car while they were on their way to the nearest hospital. 

In August, Nemcova announced her pregnancy through an Instagram post where she showed off her baby bump. She captioned it with, "Our family is expanding and so is my bell." Back then, she expressed her gratitude for the early gift they received adding that the photo was by Ben. 

The couple threw an eco-friendly baby shower in September. The supermodel told People that she and her husband wanted to raise their baby in a more sustainable environment, adding that she has been eco-conscious for several years already following her miraculous survival from a tsunami.

The green theme extended to their vegan menu, which showcased a delicious gluten-free cake. 

Since Nemcova gave birth, they have taken their baby to different hospitals in hopes that their baby would become stronger and healthier. Although it has been such a challenging time for the couple, their faith kept them together.

Petra Nemcova said that there were angels that helped them get through everything.

The new mom to a baby boy continued on her post that they did not immeidately share the news as they "didn't want to worry anyone." She also revealed that she is speaking about it now because they are sure that their baby is out of danger.

Nemcova described the experience as a test of their conviction, adding that it was love that held their body, mind and soul together. 

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It's a Boy! Streams of joy and gratitude poured down our cheeks as, yesterday, we finally welcomed into our nest, our little angel. He chose to arrive unexpectedly at 34 weeks in the middle of the night in a remote area surrounded by nature. During this storm, in which we almost gave birth to a premature baby in the car, heading towards the nearest hospital, we felt unconditional love and grace embrace us; holding us in its pure light. Since November 15th, it has been an intense journey at different hospitals, praying for our babys recovery and wishing him to become stronger and healthier, but we felt divinely guided all along the way and supported by many angels, whom we are infinitely grateful for. My hubby and I didn't share anything as we didn't want to worry anyone until our baby was safe and out of danger. This experience has been a conviction of the power of transformation of all things into LOVE when our mind, heart, body, and soul are in alignment. Now our beautiful baby boy is with us, safe, protected, loved and in peace We are in Bliss, we are in Gratitude, and we are in LOVE with our sweet angel that is revealing to us unraveling Wisdom and Truth of many life's miracles on our beautiful planet Earth. Thank you to God and the Universe for blessing us with this miracle of Life in Divine timing. #Peace #Bliss #UnconditionalLove #Gratitude #Transformative #Journey #Divine #Union #SacredBirth #SacredSpace #NewHumanity #NewWorld #ConsciousnessA post shared by Petra Nemcova (@pnemcova) on Nov 27, 2019 at 11:19am PST

Petra's Second Miracle

Supermodel and new mom Petra Nemcova got over another challenge in this lifetime. When she survived the 2004 tsunami, she thought that she was lucky to have made it.

Now that she and her baby boy have survived the challenge of premature birth, she calls it her second miracle. 

Nemcova is thankful for the second chance at life and love. She was with her boyfriend, Simon Atlee, vacationing in Thailand in 2004 when the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami struck.

Atlee did not make it. Nemcova, however, survived by clinging on to a palm tree for eight hours. She remembered the sound of children crying asking for help. It left a huge impact on her which pushed her to put up All Hands and Hearts, an organization that helps rebuild schools in areas affected by natural disasters. 

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