Kim Kardashian Hosts Fridge Tour After Fans Mocked Her Empty Fridge Photo

It is true when they say that we all have a skeleton in our closets, and people are quick to judge once these top secrets are revealed. But in the case of reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian, it seems like the skeleton inside her closet is not a big deal for fans as they suddenly got concerned with what is inside her fridge.

Yup, you read that right: people are baffled with the content of Kim K's fridge. But why? Well, it all started when she Tweeted a photo of herself in front of her almost-empty fridge.

In the viral photo, the 39-year-old TV personality could be seen wearing matching underwear and sweatpants, which is meant to be a sponsored content for her intimate-wear line, Skims. But instead of getting comments for her underwear set, eagle-eyed social media users focused their attention on her fridge that only boasts a few packs of milk and an almost-empty jar.

The day after, Kim noticed that several media outlets picked up the story on how the internet is concerned that there is no sight of food insider her fridge. This leads the mother-of-four to give her followers a spontaneous tour of her enormous kitchen with double-pantries and a walk-in refrigerator.

Kim took to her Instagram story to start the tour and said: "OK, so since the inside of my fridge - and I saw all these news reports - is so baffling I'm going to give you guys a tour of my fridge."

She first let her followers inside her spacious pantry, where she kept her own frozen yogurt machine and all the sprinkles in a glass jar, adding that she got rid of all the plastic inside her house. Then she passed at a fridge with clear glass doors, which only contains Norweigan Voss bottled water, Boxed Water Is Better, a few cans of Perrier carbonated mineral water, Canda Dry sodas, different types of milk for kids, and a jar of homemade juice.

 "This is the kitchen where it all happens," Kim said as she continued the tour upstairs where their industrial kitchen is located. "And guys, I have a walk-in refrigerator where we keep all of our fresh, organic produce. We are building on the property all organic trees to grow our own vegetables and do all of our own stuff," she added

So that's it. We can all have peace of mind knowing that Kim K actually has food inside her house. But wait, there's more! The Instagram Queen went on with the tour showing off her second pantry and gave her followers an exclusive preview of the plant-based vegan tacos that she is having for dinner that night.

 "If you want a little more chaos, with tons of oat milk and almond milk, you have this refrigerator, K?" while showing a full fridge and proceed with showing off what is inside her freezer. Kim also shared a sneak-peek of the fridge tour to her Twitter followers, which got massive hilarious comments.


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