Original 'Star Wars' Character Died in 'The Rise of Skywalker' -- But No One Noticed

In "The Rise of The Skywalker," a number of characters were able to cheat death. And then there are also those whose death would become the beginning of something significant in the franchise -- at least that was how Disney planned it, similar to the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

However, little did people know that an original character did die for real in the ninth episode. Sadly, it seemed as if the death of the said character did nothing as nobody really called Disney out for killing that character for good. It has escaped everyone's attention, and that says a lot. 

Some might say that the frenetic nature of the movie makes it impossible for the audience to keep track of all the characters. There are also those that will argue that the rushed production of the "Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker" is a rather choppy finale to the saga.

In fact, some claim that the movie comes with two other alternate versions with supposedly better endings. 

The Coming Of Death

The trilogy has killed a lot of important characters, even the prominent ones. In the first movie of the trilogy saga "The Force Awakens," Han Solo died in the hands of his son Ben Solo, who turned into Kylo Ren.

In the second movie "The Last Jedi," Luke was killed. Lastly, in "The Rise of the Skywalker," people saw the death of Leia after the untimely passing of the actress that played her role, Carrie Fisher in 2017.

In retrospect, all three films killed at least one important character in the saga. 

However, not all deaths came for the primary characters. Some minor characters have also found their demise. Leia almost died during the attack of the First Order at the Rebel fleet, but it killed Admiral Ackbar -- the character who was best remembered for the line, "It's a trap!" in the film "Return of the Jedi."

Now, apparently, there was another minor character who found his end in Episode IX. 

Who Died Unnoticed?

According to the report published by "Screen Rant," the character of Nien Nunb died in the movie "The Rise of the Skywalker." His character was the one who flew the Millenium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the attack of the Death Star.

While Han and Chewie worked together to disable the shield put up by the Death Star, this character has met his demise. 

Nien Nunb used to be an arms dealer before he joined the Rebellion. He continued to fight on the side that resisted the First Order. In the conclusion of Episode IX at the Battle of Exegol, Nunb was flying the Tantive IV, the Rebel ship that attacked at the opening of A New Hope.

That ship was one of the many destroyed by Palpatine's Force Lightning. 

Fans have missed his death, but "Star Wars" experts said that though his death should have been notable, there are several reasons why it was overlooked by many.

First, it was because his death was not shown in any of the films. And second, since there was no scene that showed Nien Nunb's death, the actor that played his role did not even know of his own death in the movies. 

Deaths have been a constant in all the "Star Wars" films. Sometimes, the death of their characters does not only show defeat, but of new hope that change is coming. 

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