Charlize Theron is skinny -- too skinny in fact. Everyone who has seen her thinks she has wasted away and has only become a shell of what she used to be. 

The star looked incredibly "scrawny" these days, and her friends and family are even worried she might have taken her diet and exercise routine to the extreme.

"She has always been known to take on drastic measures to get herself ready for a role. She does the same thing during awards season too," a source told RadarOnline. However, a lot of the people from her circle have noticed how Charlize looked now -- all "skin and bones" which it does not look good on her.

Diet Much?

The 44-year-old Theron played the role of Megyn Kelly in "Bombshell." She has been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film that was based on the Fox News sexual harassment scandal.

Now, those close to the actress are worried about the preparations she has been making for the Academy Awards on Feb. 9. She might be going too far. 

"Her arms have become basically sticks and her legs absolutely do not have any flesh on them," said the insider. The same source added that Charlize Theron does a punishing workout routine every day and only consumes salads, fruits, and juices.

Theron is not taking anything more because she is afraid she might gain more weight than she should. 

"Charlize thinks that her "skinny" look is great on her, but people close to her are beginning to worry that she might be headed down a dangerous path," source added.

Is Charlize suffering from an eating disorder? Because of how skinny she looked, people would definitely think that she might likely have it. 

Not The First Time

Theron has previously admitted that she could take things to the extreme. In an interview with Howard Stern last spring, the actress revealed that she used to be like a wake and baker in her 20s.

She used to be carefree and fun, but something changed when she turned 30. Suddenly, Charlize felt like she was not as fun to be with anymore. 

"I didn't get paranoid. I just became a bore," the actress said. She likened herself to the idea of boredom because she was at a point in her life that she did not know how to have fun anymore. It was like she was too afraid of the consequences that may come with having fun. 

The actress also admitted that it came to a point when she began to be anti-social. She did not like to talk to anyone and only wanted to eat and lie on the bed and not do anything. 

Charlize may have taken her diet and exercise too seriously. If her intent was to look and feel healthy from the inside, it seems she has missed that point. Though there is a great pressure for Hollywood stars to always look their best, it is important to remember the value of good health as well. 

Theron might think her "skinny" body is what everybody wants to see, but those close to her hope that she would see past the physical and consider getting healthy. 

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