They have already finalized their divorce last year, but Jenna Dewan is still not yet done completely cutting all his connections to Channing Tatum.

On November 2019, Jenna and Channing became legally single after they acquired the final and approved divorce papers following their devastating split in 2018.

Moreover, the former "Step Up" sweethearts ended their drama after they clashed over a nasty custody battle and finalized their property settlement arrangement.

However, aside from these headache-causing processes they need to go through, Jenna brought up another demand. Apparently, and rightfully so, she asked the court to give her back her maiden name.

Their divorce did not include a name change for the 39-year-old actress. However, as months went by since their legal split, TMZ acquired new legal documents showing Jenna's plans to remove "Tatum" from her name completely.

As of the writing, Channing still has not reacted to Jenna's demand. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly clear that his former partner wants to leave no trace of him and their relationship anymore.

Jenna's Hidden Agenda?

​As soon as the news about Jenna wanting her maiden name back, fans started to speculate that her decision will be followed by the ringing of wedding bells.

The sudden filing of emergency legal documents to cut the "Tatum" part out of her name and get it legally restored back to "Jenna Dewan" might be a sign that she would be getting married to her current boyfriend Steve Kazee before their child is born.

Moreover, removing Channing's last name would make everything easier for them to be legally married anytime.

Aside from that, Jenna might just want to make sure that her name on her soon-to-be-born baby would not bear "Tatum" on it, even if it means needing to go through the hardest legal process.

What made Jenna's fans think that they are preparing for a grand (but secret) wedding was when they saw a few photographs of their stunning pregnancy photo shoot a few days ago.

As what the published photographs revealed, Jenna can be seen posing sweetly with Steve while wearing a white lace dress.

They pointed out that the white lace dress she wore was already giving off that bride-vibe everyone has been waiting for.

Jenna, Channing Moving On

Before they completely got rid of each other, Jenna and Channing started to take a few steps forward with their own respective partners.

Jenna recently moved into a new house with Steve. The actress is currently pregnant with her first child with the Tony Awardee while raising her six-year-old daughter named Everly.

Meanwhile, Channing and his former love interest, Jessie J, got back together and attended their first Red Carpet event together at the MusiCares Person of the Year gala on Jan. 25.

Aside from making their relationship now red carpet official, Channing and Jessie J also took their current status on Instagram to surprise their fans.

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