Former "America's Got Talent" judge Gabrielle Union is allegedly filing a lawsuit to one of her former co-judges, Simon Cowell.

Union was far from happy with her experience on the set of the talent reality show and has sparked an entire investigation into the show.

However, one specific reason why Union was suing the talent search mogul was because of his habits on set. For many years, it has been known that Simon has a habit of smoking in between commercial breaks when filming.

While some of his colleagues reason it out with him, Union believes that Cowell has put her life in danger because of smoking, according to the Daily Mail.

An insider told The Mail on Sunday that Cowell exposed her to the dangers of passive smoking, saying, "Gabrielle was always cross that Simon would smoke when the cameras weren't running."

And for Union, it is a big deal because she believes it can cause cancer and "she doesn't think she deserves to have been at risk when she was at work."

The former AGT judge has employed Attorney Bryan Freedman to represent her lawsuit against the Syco boss. Freedman has worked with many high-profile celebrities in the past, including Jennifer Aniston and Megan Kelly. He is also featured in a list of "power lawyers" that were compiled by The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite that, California has a strict law on the smoking ban for employers from "knowingly or intentionally permitting the smoking of tobacco products in an enclosed place of employment," including restaurants and bars.

The bill also prohibits smoking in daycare facilities, including private residences, which could make the Union's stance even stronger.

Part of Something Bigger

Gabrielle Union and Simon Cowell's feud is nothing new.

In November, it was reported that Union and another judge, Julianne Hough, were fired from the show after only one season of judging.

Union prompted producers of the show to report an incident involving a racist joke by former "Tonight" show host Jay Leno. The episode aired on August 6, but the joke was edited out. Union pushed Human Resources to be alerted.

The headlines that surrounded her termination included charges that producers told her on multiple occasions that her hairstyles for the program were too black.

However, in a sit-down interview with The Hollywood Reporter, NBC said that there would be an investigation to understand deeper the facts.

The network also claimed that they are working with Union to come to a sportive resolution.

Making a Statement

Speaking to a "Power of Inclusivity and the Women Leading the Charge" panel in New York City in December, Union addressed her recent firing from the show. Although she did not mention "America's Got Talent" by name, it is already understood that she refers to it.

According to Variety, she reportedly said, "Don't be the happy negro that does the bidding of the status quo because you're afraid. Don't allow them to call you angry when someone else is passionate."

Unino also exclaimed that it is terrifying because of a "chance" that you'll lose your job; however, she added, "I speak from experience."

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