While she still looks the same hot and gorgeous Rachel Green from across the hall, did you know that Jennifer Aniston just recently celebrated her 51 years of existence? Yup, the birthday girl, officially stepped on her early 50s mark on the 11th of February 2020.

And just like any other celebrities and birthday celebrants, an excellent way to mark another milestone is to throw a party with unlimited booze and food.

However, it looks like the "Friends" alum would love to skip giving a toast this year, as she is reportedly considering giving up alcohol for the love of Brad. Yup, you read that right.

A source revealed that the award-winning Hollywood actress was so impressed at her ex-husband's sobriety that she considers following his footsteps.

"Jen and a lot of her friends were skeptical, but now that they've experienced Brad's sobriety in the flesh, a hard truth has come over Jen," a source told Radar Online.

The insider said that should Jennifer take the road of refreshing romance with Brad, she will have to turn her back on intoxicating drinks.

"She has to give up alcohol if she's going to have any hope of rekindling their relationship," the source said.

However, the insider said that it would be a huge struggle for "The Morning Show" actress since alcohol has been a part of her everyday routine.

"That's a lot easier said than done because booze is a big part of her everyday life, and she longs for that martini at the end of a hard day," the source added.

The insider noted that while Jennifer does not let her drinking habits to get in the way of her fitness goals "because she works out so hard and eats super healthy," the actress is still open to giving it up to get along well with her ex-husband.

"Brad can't really be around it without getting uncomfortable," the insider said. "If Jen chooses Brad, she's going to have to find other ways to unwind - end of (the) story."

It could be recalled that the four-time Best Supporting Actor for "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" first opened up about his alcohol dependency back in 2017 while at the height of his divorce settlement with ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

In an in-depth interview as he covers GQ Magazine, Brad admitted that drinking alcohol "was an escape" before he realized he was doing a "disservice" to himself. He also said that he does not want to live that kind of life anymore as he has been sober for half a year during that time.

Meanwhile, during his acceptance speech at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala last month, Brad credited a massive part of his sobriety to his fellow actor Bradley Cooper.

"I got sober because of this guy. And every day's been happier ever since. I love you, man, and thank you!" Brad said after Bradley Cooper presented him the said award.

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