Meghan Markle Fave Lululemon Dupes: Top 5 Yoga Pants From Amazon To Try

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings that mind and the body together. It is when a person incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and several body poses to encourage the full body and mind relaxation and hopefully reduce stress. 

The practice of yoga comes with a number of benefits for both the physical and mental health. Though not all of these benefits are backed up by science and research, most of those who are practicing yoga could attest to its postive effects. 

Whether you have been doing yoga for quite a while or just starting out, here are the top five yoga pants from Amazon that you must try. Some of them are Meghan Markle's favorite not just for their quality, but also for their style.

With that said, all these got royal approval!


Workout leggings never looked this good. It looked even better when the Duchess of Sussex wore it while she did Yoga. What is best about this product is that they do not only look good, but they alsp feel good as well. This is why even Meghan Markle fell in love with this piece.

It is designed to give women the feeling that they are not wearing anything. It feels so light to wear even though it is a high-waist tight yoga pants. It is the perfect workout leggings, as it will allow you to move and stretch your legs in more ways than you can imagine. 

ODODOS Out Pocket High Waist Yoga Pants

This pair of pants come with an elastic enclosure. Whether it is Heather or Spacedye, you can decide what is perfect for you.

It comes in a stretchable fabric that allows you to make those yoga moves and positions. It is also perfect for exercise, fitness, and all types of workout. The high-waist pants are made with high-quality fabric designed to remove moisture from the body.

ODODOS pants perfectly follow the contour of your body with a streamlined look. 

Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Yoga

This 75 percent polyester and 25 percent spandex is specifically crafted from a buttery soft, brushed and stretched fabric to deliver that naked sensation.

It is so smooth that there is no yoga movement you cannot do while wearing it. Experience the comfort and style rolled into one with a seamless waistband that does not dig in at all. It is the perfect yoga pants you can use while on the go, as it comes with side pockets to store some of your personal items in. 

Spalding Women's Bootleg Yoga Pant

If you are looking for a pair of yoga pants that do not look like anything ordinary, then this pair is the perfect one for you. It comes in a bootleg design that is perfectly stylish.

Spalding's pants are also machine washable, so you do not need to worry. This pair of yoga pants are complete stylish that features a wide waistband and a small logo on the hip. Though it comes with a flare near the feet, it is compressed through the thighs. 

Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants 

Lingswallow Yoga pants are non-see through, but they come with active elasticity. You do not have to worry about underclothes privacy while doing your yoga because the product comes with multiple stitches that interlock with each other.

The product provides secure coverage, allowing you to do all the yoga poses you wish to. It is also very thin that it feels like you are not wearing anything at all. It will become like your second skin as you work your way to keeping your body healthy and beautiful. 

Doing Yoga is something that everyone can do. Despite her busy schedule, Meghan Markle is able to do Yoga because she found a good pair of pants to do it in. With a your own solid and a whole lot of practice, anyone can be de-stress and relax with Ypga. More people will be encouraged to try to become healthier.

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