Every child who grew up watching "Lizzie Mcguire" must have had their heart pumping fast when they found out about its reboot on Disney Plus. Even the lead actress Hilary Duff herself could not contain her excitement that she even got her "Lizzie McGuire" signature bangs back. 

However, for some mysterious reason, the show's reboot went on a hiatus. It has been 48 days and Disney could not tell when the filming is going to resume or if it ever will. 

The news of its impending production has caused a lot of heartbreak. Even Hilary Duff herself could not help but feel bad about the sudden change in direction. 

The Big Announcement

When Disney announced the reboot of "Lizzie McGuire," they made a lot of people happy. Nonetheless, since its hiatus after filming two episodes, it remains uncertain if the new direction the production is taking meant they were not going for the reboot of the show altogether. 

A spokesperson from Disney said that the production team decided to move in a different creative direction. "We are going to put on a new lens on the show," the spokesperson said.

The statement made on behalf of Disney also implied that the show would not be able to live up to the high expectations of the fans considering how well-loved "Lizzie McGuire" was when it first came out. 

Although the fans understood that several changes had to be made, they were hoping that the reboot would still push through. They remain hopeful that Disney would soon release a statement that the show continued filming and that it would be out sooner than everyone expected.

However, since their big announcement, Disney has not given any updates on the status of their "creative change."

The Big Reveal

The truth is the reboot has been put on hold, but Hilary Duff may have hinted what caused Disney to reconsider the reboot and thought of changing the creative path of its storyline. 

This week, the news about the show "Love, Simon" which was already set to premiere in Disney Plus will now be moved to Hulu, another Disney owned streaming platform. Apparently, the reason for the change of platform was due to the fact that the show is not as "family-friendly" as it should be. 

"Love, Simon" revolves around the premise of a high school student who is adjusting to a new town. Perhaps what made the show seemingly not "family-friendly" was due to the fact that the main character was also struggling with his sexuality. 

When the news broke of its transfer to Hulu, Duff was one of the first people to react. On her official Instagram account, she posted a screenshot of an article about "Love, Simon" and wrote "Sounds familiar..." on the caption.

Hilary Duff
(Photo : Hilary Duff/Instagram)

Fans were too quick to assume that it may be the same reason why the "Lizzie Mcguire" reboot was not happening anytime soon. Although Duff is yet to clarify what she meant, the whole post already said what it intended to say. 

Unfortunately, until this time, Disney has not made an announcement of whether the reboot of "Lizzie McGuire" will also be aired on Hulu. The fans of the show remain hopeful that they could watch their favorite show of all time once again. 

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