Prince Andrew's Bait To Woo Women Involves Queen Elizabeth!

His charm and status were not all that Prince Andrew used to woo women. Another woman claimed that the Duke of York has tried to win her heart by allowing her to sit on the Queen's throne at Buckingham Palace. 

Charming His Way In

The 60-year-old Duke was said to have dated the 48-year old "Dancing On Ice" star Caprice for two months after they met each other at a dinner party back in 2000. The pair only went out on a few dates before Caprice introduced him to Denise Martell, a US Masseuse with whom he got involved with for 10 years. 

The date at Buckingham Palace allegedly happened months before he reportedly slept with the 17-year old Virginia Roberts, now known as Virginia roberts Giuffre. 

A source close to the model Caprice told The Sun that the American model was entertained at the notion that Andrew was part of the royal family. 

"He took her to Buckingham Palace twice and on one occasion, she gladly sat on the Queen's throne," the source added. 

According to The Sun, the prince allegedly allowed Caprice to take home with her a decorative bowl from the palace. She claimed that he let her steal it.

They went out for two months, but the source said that they have gone out on more "platonic" dates -- including the two where he took her to the palace. 

Aspiring to Be Royalty?

Caprice was not the only woman who sat on the Queen's throne. Andrew allegedly invited this second woman for dinner at his one-bedroom quarters. Then, she was taken to the balcony and pretended to wave to an imaginary crowd as if she were crowned royalty. 

The unnamed woman also claimed that she was able to sit on the Queen's throne with Prince Andrew's blessing. In fact, she believed that it was one of Andrew's signature moves to woo women to like him, according to the report of the Daily Beast.

The claims made by the unnamed woman was reported a year ago, but it only came out more prominently this time when allegations regarding Caprice surfaced. 

Members of the royal family are allowed to bring guests to the palace. However, as part of the protocol, they must inform the staff before they could show the guest around. 

No Longer a Royal

After the disastrous interview with Emily Maitlis of BBC Newsnight about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew was forced to step down and resign from his royal life. Since then, he has not attended any social or civic event on behalf of the royal family. 

His situation only got worse when Virginia Roberts Giuffre came forward and claimed that she had sex with him three times, the first time was when she was only 17 years old. Though he has repeatedly denied the allegations thrown at him, it seems the evidence presented is against him. 

Did Prince Andrew really involve the Queen in his "moves" to woo women to like him? These new claims definitely put him in a more difficult situation. 

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