Home is where the heart can rest.

Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook are looking forward to moving in together to a home they could call their own. It has been a year since they tied the knot, so the couple could not help but feel excited about this new chapter in their married life.

Finally, a home of their own. 

A Dream Home

'I haven't lived in it yet. So when I come from work today, it will be the first time that I'll be in it," Cuoco told Us Weekly as she revealed that she is set to move in to a new home with Coo.

While promoting her partnership with Starbucks, the 34-year old actress admitted that she is as excited as she could ever be. 

The home that Kaley and Karl are moving into is the first one they ever built as a couple since they married a year ago. While they may have been married for a year, moving into their own home is a dream come true. The lovebirds are currently maintaining separate residences.

The couple's new home is located in Los Angeles.

"Neither of us has spent one night in the house. We haven't been there," the "Big Bang Theory" alumnus said. The actress also revealed that their home looks like it is ready to go. 

"I can't wait to open the door. We are really excited about that."

Cuoco added that her husband Karl has been to their home, though he has not yet stayed there as he wants to wait for Kaley.

An Everyday Staycation

The "Burning Bodhi" star said that there is one thing she is most excited about in their new home. She dreams of having coffee and not opening her email while she is at it. 

"I kind of want a little staycation," the California native added

Kaley also shared that she never really had the chance to have a space to settle. 'I've never done that. We have been together for almost four and a half years, but we've never really done that."

The 34-year-old actress is not scared about the new chapter in their lives as a couple. In fact, she admitted that both of them are very excited about moving in together. And because they both travel a lot for work, they have very little time to spend at home, which makes their move even more special. 

Cuoco has been away from her husband for quite some time while she is filming "The Flight Attendant" in New York City.

The actress also revealed that Cook has been helping her deal with animal withdrawals. Because she could not take their dogs to work, Cook brought Blueberry, their youngest dog, to the set of her film to visit. 

"It was a hilarious visit, as they came during one of the coldest weeks in the city. She didn't know what was happening," Cuoco said  "She couldn't take the cold. Clearly, she's an L.A. pup."

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