Rita Ora admitted that she is obsessed with Joey Essex, but she immediately clarified their current real score.

On Friday, Rita finally set the record straight about the current status of her love life when she appeared on the recent episode of "Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden."

The 29-year-old "I Will Never Let You Down" singer said that she is obsessed with Joey Essex. She added that she truly loves the Joey acts and talks.

"I was obsessed with Joey and how he acts and talks and everything, that I was kind of like "I need to hang out with this guy" and literally that was it, that was the bottom line and I'm a friendly person," Rita explained.

The statement came after she was pictured leaving her home with Joey after they spent a 24-hour party session last week along with a group of their other celebrity friends. 

In the same media interview, Rita expressed how much she loves TV, specifically reality TV shows. She also took the chance to confess that it is the closest thing to her heart and the people on that type of series get her attention the most.

"I think I get more star-struck with reality TV stars than with people I've met, honest to god," the "Let You Love Me" hitmaker said.

Despite all the claims she uttered, the singer-songwriter shooed away all the romance rumors with Joey and asserted that she is single. In fact, her new single is entitled "How To Be Lonely."

To address the rumors even more, a chuckling Rita said: "It is always complicated, that part of my life. It is insane, why can't people be friends. Honestly, it is annoying."

Rita Still Moving On?

During her appearance on "Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp," Rita opened up about how she felt alone after her break-up and how she found it liberating.

The singer told Roman that her new song "How To Be Lonely" made her feel good about herself.

"I kind just was like, you know what 'gosh I don't know why we always put this thing on ourselves of like, oh no we can't be by ourselves and it's so hard to be alone'," she stated.

Rita added that it is really cool that she had to go through that phase where she can feel good about being alone and contented whenever she is having baths on Saturday and getting a massage.

As positive as she has always been, the "Only Want You" hitmaker said that being lonely is not something people can "shy away from." In fact, she considers it a beautiful thing since it made her become a better person.

"So when I heard it, I thought "wow Lewis, you really touched a nerve", especially for me, so I hope when people listen to it, it touches them too," Ora went on, referring to her new song.

Although she did not mention which break-up inspired her to have that kind of mindset, her fans started to guess that she might be talking about Andrew Watt or Andrew Garfield

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