Don't cancel NSYNC out just yet. The boyband that made many 90s girls (and probably boys too!) swoon with their songs is seriously entertaining the possibility of an official reunion! 

If you remember and still love 'Bye Bye Bye," yes you are old, you must rejoice! The boyband behind that iconic song, composed of Lance Bass, 40, Justin Timberlake, 39, Joey Fantone, 43, JC Chavez, 43, and Chris Kirkpatrick, 48, are reportedly keen to reunite.

After celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their biggest album, "No Strings Attached," thoughts of the possible revival of NSYNC have started to rule their minds, a source shared to Hollywood Life

These thoughts and ideas did not start this year, though. The sourced claimed they might have been triggered since last year, and Ariana Grande might be the culprit. "Reunion talk for sure got reignited with Ariana [Grande] last year at Coachella," the source explained, referring to NSYNC's surprise performance at the music festival in April of 2019. They performed at the time without Justin Timberlake.

"And now with the anniversary reunion on everyone's mind, they all want to do one more thing. Especially now thanks to the unknown of the coronavirus," the source added.

What has coronavirus got to do with the possibility of an NSYNC reunion? SImple - coronavirus brings forth to them the realization that people do not have any control over their lives or time on Earth, because one's time as a healthy, very much alive human being can stop without a moment's notice. 

What can fans expect if they do decide to work together over "one more thing?" According to the source, the boys are starting to contemplate whether they should release a brand new single, make a show, or have a tour set up for their beloved fans. 

This is not the first time that rumors flared up over the boys' reunion. However, the possibility this time is reportedly higher. According to the source once more, reunion talks in the past have started and stopped repeatedly, because not everyone seems to be on the same page.The source explained that things have transformed at present and the group "will actually attempt to do something." The 90s boyband is reportedly very excxited.

Lance himself back in June 2019 said that they are looking at everything going their way to determine if it is time to work together. He even aids that last year was perfect for a reunion. He said a final concert will make my of their fans happy again.

On the 20th anniversary of the most popular album, execs and collaborators looked back and shared what they remembered of the quintet when they were merely starting out. 

Ironically, even if fans know them to a energetic boyband, these people who got to work with the group actually shared that the four were silent when they were just starting out.

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