Quarantine Anxiety? Sam Smith Thinks He's Living In A Haunted House!

Sam Smith

Is Sam Smith losing his mind amid the quarantine period, or are ghosts real?

On Friday, Smith took to Twitter to upload a video of him singing "Ordinary People" by John Legend.

He tweeted, "I've been singing this all day. Singing this is taking me back to a whole different time when I heard his first album, and it really made me want to do what I do."

However, the "Lay Me Down" singer watched it again and spotted that there was a flickering light in the background, which they thought could be a sign from ghosts.

Smith tweeted once again, "Just realized by light was flickering the whole way through that singing video. I swear it's a ghost. I always hear a ghost on the stair."

The 27-year-old's followers did little to dispel their fears, with one person responding  to Smith thinking the flickering light was a special effect.

Another quipped that maybe it was just the spirits giving the singer "proper lighting for your performance."

However, the Grammy singer's freaky encounter comes days after they displayed the various stages of a quarantine crisis while self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Smith's quarantine came with challenges, and they seem to be having a bit of a tough time, as per their last few photos.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the singer shared the varying stages of a quarantine meltdown. The gallery of photos showed the "Too Good at Goodbyes" hitmaker sitting on their stoop and dressed in patterned pajamas and a plain white tee.

Scrolling through the photos, the singer's face appeared to move from bored to depressed to sad, and the final photo showed them covering their  face while crying.

The performer's almost 15 million followers appeared to agree to their idol's post, flooding their comment box with "same" or "agree" messages.

Smith's gallery of images came days after they revealed that they are struggling with the fact that their life changed so dramatically -- particularly battling a bad case of boredom.

Though they are currently in their house self-isolating and battling a few headaches and allergies that they believe is not related to the coronavirus, Smith is planning to say inside "just to be safe."

Smith also described what's happening now as a "weird time" and has reached out to fans to send their love, hoping each one of them is okay. "This is going to be challenging for anyone who gets in here a little bit like me."

To help pass the time, the "Stay with Me" singer said he would be recording songs and posting it on social media so they could entertain their fans because it is the only thing they can do to help.

"I think it would be really nice. I think we all need it, and in a time like this, music is a really beautiful thing."

Aside from his quarantine plans, the balladeer also encouraged their followers to practice social distancing, adding that it is essential to also look out for each other, most especially the elderly who are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

"We just need to be patient and be giving and share things: share food people!" smith shared

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