Selfish! Kim Kardashian Facing Massive Criticisms Over Self-Centered COVID-19 Aid

Kim Kardashian faced massive backlash again after shamelessly using the coronavirus pandemic to her advantage.

Last weekend, Kim announced on her Instagram that she would be donating a million dollars to help fight COVID-19.

She became one of the long list of celebrities who pledged to give assistance during this widespread crisis. However, her way of extending her hand overshadowed her good deed -- using the opportunity to promote her SKIMS brand.

In her post, Kim segued that they will be restocking and selling her company's product, and $1 million of the sales will serve as a donation.

"On Monday, we will restock the collection we first launched with, and in doing so, be able to help bring relief to those affected by this pandemic," Kim wrote in one update.

In another post, she repeated the same pledge and said, "In restocking, SKIMS will be able to help bring relief to those affected by COVID-19 with our commitment to donate $1M to support mothers and children during this difficult time."

Because of her repeated self-centered promotions, netizens called her out for being insensitive and "unnecessary," considering her worth is more than a million dollars.


Fans Slam Kim!

People started to shower the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star's Instagram posts with words of disappointments, with some even branding her "selfish" and "petty."

Most of the users pointed out how rich the Kardashians are and how they should not make a profit off of everything, most especially when they have to deal with the coronavirus than to buy her SKIMS products.

"Even if the world is in the brink of an apocalypse, the K family will find a way to make money. When is it enough for them ?!" one Instagram user wrote.

Another group of netizens also stood for her workers, telling her that she is putting their lives on the line during such potentially dangerous situations to restock her shapewear items.

In addition, they believe that the SKIMS staff would not be able to practice social distancing anymore if Kim would push them to work for her amid the pandemic.

"I thought you said your practising social distancing.. will your workers be social distancing while working for u restocking, packing and trying to sell your products or does it only apply to the privileged?" another one commented.

Since this issue just came after Kim called Taylor Swift as "self-serving," it pushed netizens more to compare the two stars. Most of them then called the "Look What You Made Me Do" hitmaker a selfless person and Kim as a hypocrite.

Kardashians, The Pretenders?

The Kardashians are truly bad in finding the perfect time to promote something.

Recently, Kim's half-sister, Kylie Jenner, also got blasted after flaunting her stylish but pricey Louis Vuitton chopsticks alongside the text, "gotta start traveling with these."

The post also caused clashes online, with some even suggesting that she should share her billion-dollar fortune in promoting and giving aid to people. She eventually pledged to provide a million dollars to offer medical staff sets of protective equipment.

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