Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake takes social distancing very seriously as he undergoes self-isolation after hanging out with Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant, who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Weeks ago, the R&B crooner shared a series of photos of him and KD with the Instagram caption "Life is a race and the grim reaper catches up...till then glasses up."

Days later, Durant confirmed that he was diagnosed with the dreaded virus, and as a protocol, the "One Dance" hitmaker self-quarantined in his Toronto mansion. 

Fortunately, Drake tested negative and was able to share his experience in social media. 

"That test was uncomfortable though," he said. "They put that Q-tip all the way inside your thoughts and s**t."

Drake Credits It On The Alcohol

Following his coronavirus scare, the multi-million rapper revealed his secret to staying healthy amid the health crisis. 

In his recent interview with fellow rapper Tory Lanez for his newly launched Instagram Live called "Quarantine Radio" show, Drake told his fans it is because of the alcohol. 

"Honestly, a glass of wine keeps corona away boys," the "Passionfruit" singer mentioned as he took a sip of his drink."

Although health officials debunked that alcoholic beverages may help contain the spread of coronavirus, it was reported that U.S sales of liquors soared up to 55% in the third week of March. This includes Spirits like tequila, gin and pre-mixed cocktails, as well as wines and beers.

Fancy As Wine

However, is Drake's reaction to Lanez's interview a low-key endorsement to his recent venture? 

The Forbes' fifth richest rapper in 2019 co-owns a bubbly line called Mod Sélection, a luxury line of Champagnes partnered with California-based entrepreneur Brent Hocking. 

Backing up his Instagram handle @champagnepapi, Drizzy told The Hollywood Reporter  way back 2019 that he has always been a fan of champagnes and "had a palate for luxury spirits."

Drizzy Shut Down by Riri

During his quarantine period, the award-winning artist found an opportunity to reconnect or rather annoy his rumored ex-girlfriend Rihanna during DJ Spade's IG Live chat.

The crooner obviously got bored and decided to tease the Barbadian-born icon. However, things turned awkward as he was publicly shut down by Riri. 

Drizzy taught it was cool to annoy the "We Found Love" songstress by asking her to help DJ Spade with his poor internet connection. 

"Robyn you can't buy him A one hot spot?" he wrote, but Riri just ignored him. 

On his second attempt, he teased the 32-year-old Fenty Beauty owner by using makeup jokes. 


The beauty mogul gave him three chances. At his last attempt, he got Riri's attention and went savage. 

"Rihanna drop R12 right now," he said, to which Rihanna replied, "Give drake some water."

Eagle-eye fans immediately noticed the conversation and trolled Drake. 

One social media user wrote: "Drake and Rihanna were interacting on IG live last night??? damn quarantine got everybody bored for real."

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