Jenna Dewan literally just gave birth over a month ago, but the hot mom proceeded to show that she still got the moves.

Dewan is looking better than ever on TikTok. The "Step Up" actress is owning her body again with amazing dance moves, and she has even more amazing abs peeking only six weeks postpartum. 

Back On The Dance Floor

It has only been six weeks since Jenna Dewan welcomed her baby boy Callum Kazee with fiance Steve Kazee. The new mom is back on her feet and dancing her way into action. 

The 39-year old mom of two took to TikTok to complete a dance challenge, and everyone thought she nailed it. Jenna's video featured her dance moves with an army of Jenna clones busting to the Justin Bieber hit song "Intentions".

Her performance was perfect, hitting every beat while lip-synching to the song. 

Jenna looked as stunning as ever in her TikTok debut. While her intent was to go casual, she totally rocked in her pink sweatsuit with a cropped hoodie to complete the look. 

The "World Of Dance" host literally rocked the house down when she showed off her incredible abs. It's even crazier to think that she just had her baby last March 6.

Jenna is literally getting back on her feet and owning her body yet again. 

 "Okay okay okay... I'm here @tiktok! Challenge accepted @sarafoster!" Jenna wrote on the caption of her video.


In response, Sara Foster jokingly wrote in the comments that she might delete her TikTok entry dancing to "Intentions" after Jenna posted her video and slayed it!

"I need to understand how a body can move like this. Especially a body that had a baby weeks ago," she wrote. "I will delete myself doing this dance, burn all traces of it and never dance again. You are perfection." Foster wrote. 

Some of Jenna's friends also expressed their awe in her dance moves and her body. 

"[Hot] mama!" Kimberly Van Der Beek wrote with tons of flame emojis.

"Milf City, bish," hair guru Kristin Ess commented.

Kate Bosworth, meanwhile, said: "I literally can not with you!!!" 

Dewan is definitely back and she's one hot momma!

Postpartum Beauty

Jenna first revealed her post-baby body on Instagram only 12 days after giving birth, and it left everyone wondering where all the baby weight went. In a mirror selfie she posted on March 18, Jenna looked like she got her pre-baby body back. 

She got her dancer body again, rocking the look while wearing a pair of black pants and a tee that read, "DAMN YOU'RE A GOOD MOTHER!"

Her fiance, Steve Kazee, was quick to give her a confidence boost and wrote in the comments section of the post, "Shirt don't lie!"

After a heartbreaking divorce from ex-husband Channing Tatum, Jenna seemed to have gotten herself back together. With a fiance who loves her, two children who complete her world, and a dancer's body that rocks, Jenna Dewan has it all. 

Now, which TikTok challenge will she do next? 

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