Cole Sprouse Breaking Up With Lili Reinhart? THE TRUTH

Cole Sprouse is still with Lili Reinhart.

According to a report by E! News, the two are very much together despite rumors linking sprouse to Kaia Gerber. 

No Crack In Relationship

Per E! News, Lili and Cole are still together despite the fact that they are quarantined separately. 

"They haven't been [in quarantine] together but haven't split," the source said. 

The source added that the relationship between the two may not be perfect, but they are still trying to work things out. 

"Their relationship is always up and down but they do talk every day and care very much about one another. Lili and Cole have been trying to be more low-key," the source explained.

The "Riverdale" actor wanted to keep their relationship low-key, but he knew it wasn't possible given their celebrity status. In an Instagram post to deny the rumors about his alleged relationship with Gerber, Sprouse fired back at his critics for pushing their "own agenda."

"When I first stepped into a public relationship this was one of the foreseeable consequences. And while I truly never intended to indulge any part of my private life to the ravenous horde, it's clear my restraint in updating them has allowed them to push their own agenda onto my habits and lifestyle," Sprouse wrote.

He concluded his post by asking his fans to let them (he and Lilly) be. He remains hopeful that they would be able to work things out.

Sprouse and Reinhart were first linked together back in 2017 after they were spotted together at Comic-Con. 

In the summer of 2019, however, the pair seemed to have broken up after two years of dating. They were rumored to be dating again months later though.

Sprouse talked about his relationship with Reinhart through his official Instagram account. On the Instagram Stories he posted last week, not only did he clarify his involvement with Kaia Gerber, but he also confirmed his relationship with Reinhart.

Finally, their fans can now be happy, assured that this well-loved celebrity couple is still very much together. 

Kaia Rumors

The "Riverdale" star took it to social media to address rumors about his involvement with Gerber. In the past few weeks, claims have been made through various social media platforms about his relationship with the 18-year old model.

Since Sprouse is in an on-again-off-again relationship with 'Riverdale" co-star Lili Reinhart, the speculations about him dating Kaia haven't dwindled for months. However, the young actor wanted to set the record straight and come forward with the real score. 

"I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander from people online claiming to be my fans. Fans who feel entitled to my privacy precisely because I never indulge them," the actor wrote on his Instagram Stories. 

However, he emphasized that he does not want to tolerate rumors that put his friends in a bad light. 

"But attacking my friends, baseless accusations, leaking my address and sending death threats are all qualities of insanity and fanaticism. Choose humanity, stop being [clown emoji]," Sprouse added.

The source also clarified that the photos of Kaia in Cole's house were old ones, emphasizing that the two are not romantically involved. 

"Cole and Kaia are just friends and have never been romantic," the source shared.

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