Why is Ellen Degeneres suddenly the ultimate mean girl? After being one of the most loved celebrities of all time, things are seemingly taking a turn for the talk show host and comedienne. Backlash after backlash, and all during the coronavirus quarantine period too. It all seems too peculiar. It could not be because Ellen Degeneres' net worth is something people wish they have during these uncertain times too, right?

It all started with some recent accusations made by crew members. After that, a guest on her show made some bad comments about her, which led to a string of bad press. Her joke on the first day of doing her show in her own house because of the lockdown further put a bad taste on people's mouths.

Is she truly not the friendly, goofy, and compassionate human being that she is known for? Were all those for a show only? 

Below are three controversies that Ellen DeGeneres has been associated it, barely two months in quarantine. 

Ellen DeGenes, NikkieTutorials Fallout

If there is anyone who would be warm and nice to transgender people, it would naturally those who belong to the same LGBTQ community. More so when she's ultimately one of the faces of this vibrant community. However, Ellen Degeneres has been anything but, according to the Dutch beauty vlogger - a transgender woman known as Nikkie Tutorials

She first visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in January to share how she came out earlier that month. However, in February, she appeared on the Dutch talk Show "De Wereld Draiit Door" and claimed that the experience was not she expected at all! Instead, it was worse. 

She shared how she was snubbed during the show when she said hi, and DeGeneres did not say it back. 

She also said that the show's staff treated her poorly, and while all the other celebrity guests on the show got VIP treatment across the board, she did. She did not even have a private toilet! 

DeGeneres Crew Backlash

In April, a Twitter thread called for stories about DeGeneres being mean in exchange for $2 donations to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and the responses were overwhelming. Although unverifiable, some of the complaints seem really legit that Insider even picked up on the thread. Some of the complaints involve the very crew who worked with the talk show host and, therefore truly has firsthand experience with her.

Ellen Insensitive to Gays and People Affected by Covid-19

Lastly (hopefully!), she got the ultimate backlash for joking that self-isolating to flatten the curve during the Covid-19 crisis felt like being in jail. People cannot take it because she lives in a massive mansion and does not even have to worry about her future source of income. She also implied that being in isolation felt like being in jail because she's surrounded by gays. While it was probably meant for a laugh, since she's with her wife Portia de Rossi, people just think it's stereotypical of her to make that comment. It's very unlike the comedienne to make unwise jokes too.

At present, it is hard to know for sure. After all, except for these limited number of harsh comments (very harsh and jarring, but still limited compared to what other celebrities have received), she's still the same bubbly person on her show (even if it is done at her home) and on her Instagram.

She's continuing to help out in any way she can, making huge donations and conducting charity in different ways she could. Still, it cannot be denied that 2020 is just not her year.  

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