Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari recently announced their separation. While they asked for privacy as they go through this difficult time, new details of their divorce are putting both stars in hot water. 

Messy Divorce

Kristin Cavallari recently took it to social media to make the big announcement about her relationship with husband Jay Cutler. Although she did not reveal a lot of details, Kristin said that she and Jay have mutually agreed to end their six-year marriage. 

However, in the documents obtained by several news agencies, it seems as if the two are digging their heels in the sand.

With the recent revelations about the details of their divorce, experts are asking how the two plan to mitigate the damages it might incur in their respective brands. 

Will the couple choose to remain quiet about the details of their separation to save face? Or will they try to go with their divorce as quietly as they could to prevent the public from making judgments? 

In an interview with the chairman of the Reputation Management Consultants, Eric Schiffer weighed in on the topic of Cutler and Cavallari's messy divorce. He said that the two stars should carefully navigate the image they are creating for themselves today and in the future. 

Schiffer, the brain behind the public branding of numerous businesses and celebrities, believe that the NFL star might have to deal with a tarnished reputation following the allegations of marital misconduct made by Cavallari. 

"He has torched that ... with allegations of misconduct by his wife, who is beloved and has a fan base that is highly supportive of her and who helped him rejuvenate his brand in many ways," Schiffer said.

Whether or not the allegations against him are true, Jay's reputation is expected to be really hurt amid his ongoing divorce with his wife.

Cavallari, on the other hand, will come out of the messy divorce settlement unscathed. Her reputation will remain intact as people will see her as the victim in this picture, Schiffer continued. 

"If the facts continue to appear as they are and if Kristin is shown to have been a victim of misconduct in this, then she will gain the sympathy of the public and strengthen her brand because of the vulnerability and connection that people will feel for her during this period of public shame," he explained.

Schiffer added that in divorce cases like Cutler's, there will always be a party more favored by the public. 

 "There's no question that when these situations happen and there is a potential act of disrespect or disloyalty that is seismic, the public responds with celebrities in a circle and join the camp of those aggrieved, and Kristin is the giant winner in that," the branding expert added.

When asked how the Cutler could move forward with the divorce in a more public approach, the image consultant said that Cutler should categorically recognize the misconduct and try to publicly make amends. 

Kristin, on the other hand, should simply just wait for everything through. 

"And with Kristin, I don't think she should need to do anything," he said. "I think she just needs to ride it out and she'll continue to benefit from sympathy."

Who Helped Who

Schiffer first explained why the marriage of Cutler to Cavallari was good for him. Schiffer emphasized that Cavallari was the image that "softened" the strong look of Jay's "brand" a bit. 

"It caused this arrogant, disrespectful image to be more toned down... it humanized him," Schiffer claimed.

Schiffer also said that Cutler's marriage to Cavallari opened a lot of doors of opportunities for various advertisers to reconsider his branding. 

"And I say toned down and brought humanity to a brand that was known for being cold and aloof and turned off a lot of people. So that opened a world of opportunities with advertisers for him and other channels that he wouldn't have had," the image guru claimed. 

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