Big Ed and Rose Vega's "90 Day Fiance" romance is making waves. Some love it, and some cannot help but diss the relationship between them for several reasons. One, because of the 30-years age gap, two, because of their racial differences, and three, because of Ed's degrading treatment of Rose. Regardless of what people feel, however, the couple from Season 4 has been making a splash of late. 

One of the most recent ones is that Big Ed has sexually assaulted a co-worker in the past. The victim herself has now come out with the story, and it remains to be seen what Rose would feel about it. 

On the heels of criticisms that what people are saying to Big Ed, 54 for all that he did to Rose, 23 is on the borders of online bullying, a woman has come forward to say that she used to work with Big Ed, and it was a traumatic experience for her. If true, it is likely that no one will sympathize with Big Ed and the online hate that has been pouring into him of late. 

She said that for nine months, Big Ed had sexually harassed and assaulted her. The TikTok user with a handle of Lolosworld has been for months hinting that she would reveal something about an alleged assault after seeing the perpetrator on television, and now she is naming this man as Big Ed. 

She has now posted another Tiktok to detail the alleged sexual assault committed by Big Ed against her. 

@lordakeet What I wish I knew the day I met "Big Ed" ##thisisbiged ##biged ##90dayfiance ##tlc ##fypage ##foryou ♬ Classical Music - Classical Music


According to her, on her very first day at work where she met Ed, one of the first things that he said was that he feels happy to be working with someone "hot" and not "someone who was ugly." He reportedly said that he's thankful she's hot because he did not want to be stuck with someone ugly all day while working. Not only is this comment distasteful and cringeworthy, what is worse is that later that day, but Lolosworld also said he had put her in "an arm lock" and put her "to the ground."

Because Big Ed is taking the route of silence, people now cannot ascertain if what this accuser is saying is true or if Big Ed truly knows her before "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days" became such a hit.

This American documentary/reality TV series on TLC is now on its seventh season and getting raves and rants.  

Lolosworld acknowledged this lack of evidence asunfortuante, as it would just her words against his silence but has explained that she had her reasons for keeping quiet about her time with Ed, until now.

"I know a lot of you are wondering how Ed and I know each other, and essentially we know each other from work. We used to work together," she said. "With that being said, there are unfortunately some details that I can't go into because of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. I hope you guys can be understanding of that and patient because I'm sure that there's going to be a lot of inquiries about this," she explained.

This controversy arises after Ed and Rose had a massive confrontation on the show. Ed made some insulting comments since he arrived in the Philippines, where Rose Vega hails from, and it appears that the two split before the Season 4 finale. 

Online posts claimed that Big Ed and Rose are not together anymore at present, but neither of the reality stars has confirmed this.

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