Hannah Brown said she's single and very much ready to mingle. 

Testing The Waters

On Tuesday (May 5), the former "Bachelorette" star revealed that she is not currently dating anyone. Moreover, she clarified that she wants to start dating again. 

In an Instagram Live post, the young star shared that she is just about ready to "test the waters" again. Her fans were quick to send their questions about Brown's personal life, hoping she would share a bit to her supporters. 

"I am single, I am," she said reassuringly. 

Although Brown admitted that she isn't sure if the timing is right with the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone quarantined in their homes, she still wants to let everyone know that she's ready.

"I feel like right now in quarantine's not the best time to try to date, but I feel like I am in a place where I'm ready to do that-to test the waters a little bit," Brown said.

When a fan asked whom she would like to go out with, Brown joked that it won't be anyone from the Bachelor Nation. 

With all honesty, Brown said: "I can date other people that are not on The Bachelor. Y'all are driving me crazy!"

This answer came after months of speculation about Brown dating "Bachelorette" runner-up Tyler Cameron. The two were recently spotted in Florida, which sparked rumors that she might be dating Gigi Hadid's ex

While the two enjoyed basking in the warm sun and the beach, their fans could not help but gush about their undeniably palpable chemistry in social media. 

Their reunion caught everyone by surprise. However, a source close to them told E! News that both Cameron and Brown have expressed their desire to stay single. 

"They have expressed they are not in a position to date right now but do care about each other," the insider source said before adding that the two are enjoying each other's company

"They have been social distancing together, hanging out and are having a lot of fun together. Hannah gets along with Tyler's family and friends and everyone loves her."

Last month, Brown insisted that she and Cameron were not officially a couple. She said that she didn't have anyone special in her life. 

Shortly after, the Florida native set the record straight on the status of his relationship with Brown. "No, I'm not dating nobody," Cameron said during an Instagram Live. 

A Different Perspective

During her Instagram Live Q&A, Brown also reflected on her life during the "Bachelorette," telling her fans how life has been different since then. 

"I made a joke on Twitter about today being-well, it's not a joke, it's just, like, how this time last year the day that I sent Luke [Parker] home? And I made a joke about taking a tequila shot or a moment of silence because, like, that was a...quite an interesting night for me," she recalled. 

The reality TV star broke into laughter while she was talking about the decisions she has made in the past. 

"I wasn't trying to be mean, but I can laugh about my own life. Just saying. You know, thought we were making better decisions after that night. Well, I fooled y'all. I fooled y'all! I'm still making crap decisions, but it's okay," Hannah added.

Now that her time in the "Bachelorette" has come to an end, Brown said she has no regrets. In fact, she wouldn't change a thing, believing there is something greater than this. 

"It's called growing and learning."

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