It's business as usual for Piers Morgan as he returned to Good Morning Britain on Monday morning after experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms, which forced him to take his time off the air.

The 55-year-old TV presenter tested negative for coronavirusbut he still took time off as he was advised he cannot go back to work immediately. 

Piers Morgan Drops Explosive Rant vs. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson

However, on his return to the weekday morning program, the outspoken host did not shy away from expressing his fury and took aim at Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his recent nation address. 

When his co-host Susanna Reid asked how he was feeling, Morgan wasted no time sharing his "frustrations" over Johnson's speech. 

"I feel fine except I feel extremely frustrated by what I watched last night. I don't know where it leaves us and I don't understand the sequence of events here," Morgan said.

The GMB host also blasted the government as they failed to execute their plans after the COVID-19 lockdown. 

He then took to Twitter to voice his anger at the PM's new rules, claiming that it "makes no sense." He even described it as a "ridiculous" tactic. 

"So, the Prime Minister is urging millions of non-essential workers to go out to work - but also telling people we still can't see family or friends even if we maintain the same social distancing rules as non-essential workers at work?" Piers exclaimed.

"Makes no sense. I can drive 100s of miles to sunbathe alongside complete strangers on a beach, maintaining 2m distance - but not see my parents? This is ridiculous."

Aside from this, he also pointed out that the Prime Minister handled the COVID-19 crisis in a "disastrous" way, which have cost thousands of lives due to his "incompetence & endless mixed messages."

Boris Johnson Sets Out the Government's Three Phase Plan

In his recent nation address, the 55-year-old U.K. leader unveiled a detailed roadmap, which includes a three phase plan

"We have a route, and we have a plan, and everyone in government has the all-consuming pressure and challenge to save lives, restore livelihoods and gradually restore the freedoms that we need," the Prime Minister mentioned. 

He stated that the reopening of Britain will be done slowly to help the experts monitor the "R rate" (or rate of transmission) and to measure if this will affect the number of new cases.

The second phase of the plan involves resuming of classes and children returning to schools.

As early as June 1, primary school pupils will be allowed to resume their classes followed by secondary pupils. 

Lastly, the final stage involves the plan to end the lockdown by allowing part of the hospitality sector to reopen. However, there will be strict guidelines in social distancing. Meanwhile, cinemas, pubs and mass gathering are prohibited until Autumn

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