As Meghan Markle's courtroom drama against British tabloids continues, legal experts predict that there will be a "big battle" between her and her father Thomas Markle once the case proceeds.  

Speaking to FOX News, Amber Melville-Brown -- head of media and reputation at legal firm Withers -- warned the ex-royal regarding her lawsuit. According to her, it will only cause more damage towards her fractured relationship to her estranged father. 

"The big battle is going to be between Meghan and her dad. That will be horrible for both of them, I suspect," the expert said.

"This case is all about if [Meghan] had a reasonable expectation of privacy. This means she'll have to give evidence as to what she did with the letter and the impact [the publishing of it] had on her. The court won't know how deeply distressing this is to her unless she gives evidence." 

Courtroom Fight With British Newspaper

Duchess Meghan is currently suing Associated Newspapers -- the publisher of Britain's Mail on Sunday and MailOnline -- for copyright infringement and misuse of private information after they released parts of her letter she wrote to her father following her royal wedding in 2018.

She accused the outlets of "exploiting" and "harassing" the 75-year-old Markle, which in turn caused a "rift" between them.

Moreover, the veteran media law specialist believes that Meghan has already "overbaked the litigation cake" as she took the news coverage too personally. 

Melville-Brown pointed out that although there's a possibility she might win the copyright infringement case, it doesn't mean that it will put an end to the public's interest in her private life.

The legal expert went on and hinted that the open court might cross-examine the duchess, so she must be fully prepared "for all the publicity that comes with it" in order to succeed in her copyright infringement and privacy cases. 

"When you bring an action for privacy invasion it's sometimes a dangerous thing to do. Meghan and Harry have painted themselves into a corner because, as they're attempting to gain control of their image and protect their privacy, she will also have to speak to it," Melville-Brown added.

Meghan Markle Loses First Round Of Privacy Case

This development comes weeks after Meghan suffered a major defeat, having lost the first round of her legal battle against Associated Newspapers. 

At the hearing which was held remotely, Honorable Mr. Justice Warby dismissed Meghan's allegations that the publication had an "agenda" in publishing intrusive or offensive stories about her that resulted to the feud between Meghan and her estranged father. 

However, Markle's lawyers revealed that the decision of the court went on as a surprise. 

Following the ruling, they vowed to move forward. Nonetheless, they are determined to stand by their "strong" claims of misuse of private information and copyright infringement. 

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