Lindsey Vonn looks like she's having the time of her life while in quarantine. The former Olympian is spending a lot of time with her two dogs that she rescued in the past. 

In Her Best Shape

The former alpine ski racer gifted her followers with a beautiful picture of her looking all fit and sexy. Over the weekend, the 35-year old athlete shared a photo of herself with her two furry friends

While her two dogs looked very cute, Vonn definitely got everyone's attention. 

"Sunsets and wet dogs. My favorite," she wrote in the caption of her photo. 

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Sunsets and wet dogs. My favorite A post shared by L I N D S E Y • V O N N (@lindseyvonn) on May 17, 2020 at 9:34am PDT


Vonn looked absolutely stunning in a one-piece white swimsuit. The former athlete has definitely kept herself busy with a regular workout routine, and she got the curves to prove it. 

Keeping Herself Busy

While Lindsey Vonn may be retired from her sports career, the former skier still remains busy. She has a whole set of activities to do even while in quarantine. 

The native of Minnesota revealed in her recent interview with Us Weekly that her day starts as early as 8:00 a.m. She gets up to give her dogs something to eat. Then, she grabs a snack before she engages in her usual sweat session. 

"I don't like anything too heavy before I workout, but I do need a little bit of energy," Vonn revealed. 

She also shared that her usual fix includes blueberries and a sip of Red Bull. Vonn admitted that she needed the extra energy boost because she really isn't a morning person. 

After which, she gets to her Peloton bike for her early morning cardio. While going to the gym might be part of her regular routine, the quarantine has kept her lock in her house. As a result, she finds herself in their garage doing what she usually does at the gym. 

After cycling, she continues with her workout that helps strengthen her core. Vonn then treats herself to a high protein, low carb diet after an intense morning workout. 

Her days in quarantine are not only about working out and staying fit. Von revealed that a huge part of her afternoons is spent in Zoom meetings. She is currently working on several projects.

Her days usually end in the tub with her fiance P.K. Subban. They keep up with their nighttime show on YouTube called "Tub Time." That's when the sports couple talks to their fans and takes on questions from their followers. 

This is how a typical day for Lindsey Vonn looks like. It's no wonder why she remains fit and healthy even after retirement. 

While she may be enjoying all her workout sessions and work meetings on the side, her ever-dependable furry friends keep her sanity intact amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Just Like Family

Vonn's dogs are definitely considered family. In an interview with ESPN  in 2018, she revealed that she takes her dogs with her wherever she goes. She has even taken them to the ski slopes when she needed to practice. 

The athlete also revealed that being with her dogs made her travel experience differently. 

"[Having my dog Lucy] changed my experience being on the road," Vonn shared. "I don't think about being in a hotel anymore," 

The former ski racer also revealed why she loves being around her dogs. 

"I always have someone who's excited to see me. She makes me feel a little less alone. She has no idea if I ski. She doesn't care. And she'll snuggle with me no matter what. It's awesome."

Perhaps this is why Vonn is enjoying her sweet time in quarantine. She is staying at home with her fiance P.K. Subban and her King Charles Spaniel named Lucy. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Vonn finds herself with a lot of time to bond with her furry friends more.

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