Madonna Dirty Secrets: After Donald Trump Files, Hacker Auctions Singer's Private Data


Madonna's dirty secrets are up for sale. The hackers who claimed they have the confidential data of various celebrities and famous personalities such as Lady Gaga now said they also have Madonna's. 

The "lucky person" to shell out $1 million would get all the nitty-gritty about Madonna, naturally including all the information that she does not want the public to know. 

Said data is alleged to be from an A-list power lawyer that the group was able to hack. Interestingly, they recently just put up "for sale" dirty data on  President Donald Trump himself, who, as most could probably expect, did not work with this lawyer, no matter how powerful this lawyer is. 

The group, called Revil, claimed that it was able to hack the computer of top Entertainment attorney Allen Grubman's NYC law firm and secure around 756 gigabytes of documents on different stars who became his client. This list includes Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, and U2. They wanted the lawyer to pay the ransom, but Grubman refused to.

As a result, they doubled their ransom demand to as high as $42 million. Grubman is adamant that these lawless people can end up behind bars, claiming that the FBI stated what they did is an act of terrorism. 

After Grubman's refusal, however, the hackers upped the ante by posting on the dark web that the next data that they would be releasing to the public is Donald Trump's. They claimed that a lot of dirty laundry would be revealed if the ransom is not paid. Analysts claimed though that this sounds like a bluff because Trump has never been a client of Grubman's, anyway. At least based on what the public knows.

On Monday however, the group claimed that Trump's data was already sold to interested people who have contacted them about it. They even claimed it was a good deal, so the possession of said data has already exchanged hands. They could no longer release it to the public.

At present, what they are threatening to release is Madonna's data, and the buyer who would shell out the $1 million asking price can do whatever they would want with the data.

It is unclear what the dirt on Donald Trump is all about and who would even believe the hackler's claims, but some sources claimed that a sample on the hackers' site said it mainly revolves around the snarky mentions of the President in emails gathered from the lawyer's website. 

A cybersecurity expert from Emsisoft told Page Six those presidential data could not be taken seriously at all Brett Callow explained, "What information Revil had on Trump we may likely never know. But they were almost certainly bluffing about it being 'presidency-ending material.' But let's assume this is being treated as a terrorist matter, perhaps because of Trump, so the law firm was prevented from paying the ransom or negotiating."

Because the hackers cannot profit from the President's data, they had to go off auctioning celeb's information instead.

Madonna's being the target at present. 

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