Prince Harry 'Dangerous' Secret: Before Meghan Markle, Royal Felt Suffocated?

Prince Harry reportedly had a secret Facebook account when he was young, and it as a gold mine of how he truly feels about his identity.

Based on his Facebook posts, even under a different name, it can be gleaned that he was somehow feeling suffocated being a royal

As a member of the royal family and mostly restricted from having a personal social media account, the Prince allegedly has a Facebook account wherein he used a pseudonym, Spike Wells.

Prince Harry, aka Spike, did not want to be detected by the millions on the famous social website, for obvious reasons. But analysts knew for sure that it was the Duke's.

That said, the Facebook account was a goldmine for information about Prince Harry that no one was privy to. Spike Wells is also friends with 400 people, some of which are the most famous and wealthiest socialites in the country. It did not require a genius to know that Spike Wells is of Prince Harry's caliber, or him himself.

The account was active for a total of four years and is thought to contain pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

Allegedly, Wells was living in Maun, Botswana. While that seems unconnected to Prince Harry, it can be remembered that the Prince and his ex-girlfriend Ms.Davy visited this town in 2007. 

Another hint is that Spike Wells' interests are "all sports." The account has constantly changed profile pictures, and one of the pictures that were quite interesting is of a red-headed child gasping.

The fact that it is a redhead is already telling. The gasping may imply a lot of things, one of which is at the time, being a royal was already starting to feel suffocating to Prince Harry

The caption does not imply that, though since it was even quite humorous. It read, "Oh My God, I'm ginger."

The Facebook account was deleted in 2012 and talked about it is just resurfacing because Prince Harry finally was able to step down from his senior royal position, as his wife, Meghan Markle. One cannot help but ask if this is something he wanted all along. 

At the time, the account was deleted because it was risky. According to the former head of royal protection for Scotland Yard, Dai Davies, any royal who would have a Facebook page can pose a security risk. 

He said, "From a security point of view I would never recommend anyone high-profile to have a Facebook account." He explained, "depending what you have on it, it is indicative sometimes of where you are going, what you are doing, and more importantly, who your friends are."

One can only wonder if now that they are no longer in royal positions, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now going to have social media accounts like other celebrities.

After all, they went to the United States for Meghan Markle to pursue her Hollywood career once more and for Prince Harry to get some speaking gigs as well. All these are under their plans to be more financially independent.

They are also there to focus more on their charitable pursuits. Maybe Prince Harry would not post someone gasping anymore. Unless it is because some people are sending drones to their residence and trying to invade their privacy, or they are struggling to pay off their UK debts. 

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