Just like the rest of us, Queen Elizabeth II also enjoys some personal hobbies and interests that she does during her free time. But due to the coronavirus lockdown restriction during the past few months, some of these hobbies were put on hold. 

But as the United Kingdom relaxes its lockdown restrictions, the 94-year-old monarch was able to enjoy one of her favorite hobbies and even received a special coronation anniversary gift along with it. 

After almost three months on lockdown, on Monday, the U.K. already allowed conducting horseracing competition. One of the horses in action during the opening game was Her Majesty's 3-year-old horse named "First Receiver."

On Tuesday afternoon, First Receiver joined the horseracing comeback at Kempton course in Surrey, southwest of London, and won after coming in first. The Queen was surely delighted as the victory also serves as a gift for her coronation anniversary. 

Queen Elizabeth II just marked the 67th anniversary of her coronation, which happened on June 2, 1953, at Westminster Abbey in London. 

Queen Elizabeth's Love For Horse

Even at the age of 94, Her Majesty still enjoys riding during her free time. Since she is in isolation at Windsor Castle with her 98-year-old husband Prince Philip, the Queen has been spending time with her horses frequently.

"She loves to be out walking her dogs and still riding her horses regularly," a source told People. 

On Sunday, she was spotted spending some morning ride with her 14-year-old horse, Fern. Queen Elizabeth IIwas all smiles and seemed to enjoy the much-needed time with her horse. 

"The way of life in the country gives back so much, especially if you love animals as she does," the source added.

Special Month Of June

Aside from her coronation anniversary, June is quite a special month for Queen Elizabeth II. During this time of the year, she usually attends the Royal Ascot race with the rest of the royal family and close friends. The said event often takes place for a week in mid-June. 

This year, the Queen's favorite horseracing event may no longer be a public event, but it may likely take place behind closed doors due to coronavirus threats. 

"For public health and safety reasons, we have reached the difficult but unavoidable conclusion that Royal Ascot 2020 will not be able to take place as an event open to the public," a statement in the official Ascot website read. 

Meanwhile, on June 10, Prince Philip will be celebrating his 99th birthday. The Duke of Edinburgh officially retired from royal duties in August 2017 at the age of 96. Since then, he has been enoying most of his retirement time in the Queen's Sandringham Estate at Wood Farm and Windsor Castle.

Throughout his royal career starting in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II's husband has completed 22,219 solo engagement.

Prince Philip was last seen in a public event in May 2019 when he attended the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston at St. George Chapel in Windsor.

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