Is Angelina Jolie finally moving on from her ex-husband, Brad Pitt? 

As National Enquirer reports, the "Maleficent" actress is reportedly dating her hunky bodyguard, and the two started their romance when she was filming in New Mexico. 

The gossip paper said that Jolie was the first to have feelings for her bodyguard during the production of "Those Who Wish Me Dead."

A tipster told the paper that the actress and the unnamed bodyguard have been inseparable for weeks.

"Angie melts when she's around this guy and dotes on him like he's her whole world. They've been inseparable for weeks." 

They also claimed that Jolie's bodyguard has been winning, not only her heart but also the children she shares with Brad Pitt. 

As per the paper, the "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" actor isn't happy that their children are bonding with a new father figure. 

The source told the National Enquirer that the 45-year-old A-lister thought long and hard if she was ready to get into a relationship with her bodyguard. 

"But Angie has the right to move on, and there's nothing to stop her from dating whoever she wants."

For Jolie, she can only consider a man "boyfriend material" if the person is great with her children, has a beautiful personality, and of course if he is good looking.

"It would make sense if she's jumped in and started dating this guy, but only time will tell if she confirms either way."

The source further claims that Jolie and her bodyguard-boyfriend have yet to confirm the real status of their relationship, but it reportedly has been a year since they made their relationship official to those close to them. 

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the National Enquirer's claims. 

The man that the paper was referring to was Oliver Crane, who has worked for Angelina Jolie and her children for years. And as per Gossip Cop, they have never been romantically involved. 

Gossip Cop has also debunked claims that Brad Pitt was unhappy with Oliver Crane, who isn't only a bodyguard but is also a "manny."

Radar Online previously reported that because of the negative impact of the custody battle and divorce proceedings, the kids started to bond with Crane. 

Crane reportedly became a father-like figure to Jolie and Pitt's children because of the actor's absence.

Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce in 2016, the former couple has not gotten into serious relationships with anyone. 

In separate interviews, the parents revealed that their main priorities are their children and their respective careers. 

During the premiere of "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil," Jolie told news reporters that her priority is to raise their six children well. 

Since they are all still young, she said she's at that mother stage where she doesn't want to miss any important moment with them. 

As per People Magazine, last year, Brad Pitt has been focusing on himself and his kids. In the past couple of years, the "Ad Astra" star has struggled with alcohol addiction. 

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