Princess Diana Caught NUDE While Sunbathing -- FULL STORY

Princess Diana lived an extraordinary life and embodied someone who exudes grace and class. With that, she was able to establish herself as a true style icon.

For more than two decades, after her untimely and tragic death in 1997, the Princess of Wales is still relevant up to this day. 

Known for her humanitarian projects, Princess Diana had been linked to more than 100 charities, including Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, The Leprosy Mission, The National Aids Trust, and many more. 

Despite using her popularity for a good cause, the royal mom was heavily scrutinized by the press -- a British media that became obsessed with her. 

Princess Diana was one of the most photographed people in the entire world, and she could not go out in public without being hounded by aggressive British media. More than anything else, all she wanted was her privacy.

Princess Diana, Caught Naked While Sunbathing 

Unfortunately, there was this one activity that she loved to do and thought no one would ever be able to watch her -- and that is sunbathing in her own private property.

In the latest royal family news, British author Tom Quinn told Fox News that while making his book "Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle," he was able to interview royal aides who worked for The Firm and learned some unexpected news about the late princess. 

"I was more surprised than anyone when I discovered -- you know, there are so many stories about the late Diana, Princess of Wales. I thought, 'Well, there can't be many more that people haven't heard.' But in talking to various people, I found some wonderful stuff," he told the outlet. 

The renowned author claimed that the Princess of Wales believed that the safest place to sunbathe was in Kensington Palace's rooftop garden, as she thought that the area was secured from hovering helicopters and intruding paparazzi.

In his book, the author detailed how the late princess was caught naked by two builders despite the warnings of her aides to avoid the rooftop. 

"So she stood up with no clothes on and then immediately realized two builders who were working a hundred yards away. She was eye to eye with them. They'd seen her standing up and no clothes on. And the two builders immediately just bowed and turned away," Quinn narrated.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana Argued "Almost Everyday"

Aside from this, royal aides also witnessed the chaotic relationship between her and Prince Charles. Apparently. they were often heard having arguments "from the day they moved in" to Kensington Palace. 

Quinn pointed out that this has something to do with the Prince of Wales and his relationship with his now-wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. 

"If you look at the film of the wedding day, there's a tension and unease," he explained. 

In Princess Diana's previous interview, she boldly claimed that there were "three people in their relationship," referring to the Duchess of Cornwall, who is Prince Charles' ex before Diana. 

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