Ellen DeGeneres has been branded the "Queen of Mean" since news of her real persona off-camera surfaced. 

A branding expert even believes that the 62-year-old host of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is in a "gigantic dumpster fire" where right now, she's at the bottom "struggling to gasp for air." 

This only means that the expert thinks it's almost the end of the line of DeGeneres' career. 

Eric Schiffer, the chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, spoke to Insider to explain how DeGeneres could rebuild and salvage her remaining career. 

Currently, the "Finding Dory" actress's current strategy is to "deflect to protect," which has been shown when she fired three top executive producers, Jonathan Norman, Ed Glavin, and Kevin Leman.

However, the expert thinks that firing those people is not enough, even though she pushed the attention away from her and the horrible things and instead shined a spotlight on three people instead of taking responsibility. 

"The one that is going to get her to rebuild trust - which is to own it all," Schiffer thinks is the one classic move that her PR still hasn't done. 

In her battle, that's the only way to regain credibility if she ever wants to continue in Tinseltown. 

Schiffer believes that Ellen DeGeneres should take responsibility for everything that has happened recently, including ten of her former show's employees who spoke to Buzzfeed News last week. There's a toxic work environment on her show. 

With the problems arising around the world now due to the COVID-19, the expert believes that Ellen DeGeneres should show truth and authenticity, after everything that has been exposed.

He continued, "For those who still tune in, every night she will be scrutinized with an electron microscope. Every smile will be measured." 

Though Ellen DeGeneres has already released a letter addressing her staff and apologizing to them, the branding expert thinks it's too little, too late. 

"It's Ellen's shameless, out-of-touch celebrity elitism, and the lack of accountability that goes without that disgusts people." 

He thinks there has been an arrogance that blinds her "like the sun" that forbids her from seeing the more precise picture. 

Schiffer, who owns DigitalMarketing.com and ReputationManagementConsultants.com, revealed that he, in fact, met Ellen DeGeneres in an elevator at an Emmy awards ceremony one time. 

He revealed that there's an arrogant vibe radiating the LGBTQIA+ influencer, and could see why she is "considered to have this mammoth ego in Hollywood that would be too gigantic for her ever to quit the show early." 

Schiffer also warned Ellen DeGeneres' minions, including Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, and Sofia Vergara. 

He thinks that by defending the scandal-clad host shows how these stars lack empathy for the victims and potential victims, should Warner Bros' investigation find the allegations accurate. 

The expert believes that these celebrity defenders have an entitled celebrity mindset that is just tone-deaf. 

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will air once again this September after its summer hiatus. Though Ellen DeGeneres "the Queen of Mean" has already apologized to the staff, Schiffer advised that she also apologize to her team on-air and publicly even though it will not be enough. 

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