"The Walking Dead" is following the footsteps of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" as they announce concluding the show concluding after serving action-packed thriller in the past ten years.

On Wednesday, AMC announced that the popular zombie-filled show would have its 11th and final season next year

. The last season will feature 24 episodes, including the COVID-delayed Season 10 finale, and another ten bonus episodes from six seasons. In short, fans will still get 31 episodes of the show stretched out in two years, compared to the past seasons containing only 16 episodes.

But in true "The Walking Dead" fashion, the show will not end in a boring manner and leaving fans hanging as there are also some spin-off plans on the works.

The Walking Dead Future Spin-Offs

The cable channel did not let fans suffer a painful death, like what most of the characters do, as they promise the creation of two new spin-off series, featuring fan-favorites that made a huge impact on the show from the beginning.

The Walking Dead universe will be treated with a straight-to-series order of drama following Daryl's story (played by Norman Reedus) and Carol (played by Melissa McBride).

There will also be a third spin-off, which title and characters remain unknown. It is likely to launch once the hit series is over by 2023.

"Tales of the Walking Dead" is also currently on the works. It is a scripted anthology series created by the chief content officer, Scott M. Gimple.

"The Tales of the Walking Dead" is described as: "an episodic anthology with individual episodes or arcs of episodes focused on new or existing characters, backstories or other stand-alone experiences."

Cast Reacts

While "The Walking Dead" fans started mourning for their favorite show's ending (even if it is roughly 2-3 years from now), actors who became a part of the epic zombie show also took to social media to react about the announcement.

Chandler Rigg, who played Carl Grimes from 2010 to 2018, took to social media to express how he feels about the show's ending.

"Truly the end of a legendary era in television," the 21-year-old actor wrote.

"I was the biggest fan of the show while I was on it, and will continue to watch until the very end and am so excited to see how it closes," he added.

Tobin portrayer Jason Douglas also took to Twitter and joked: "SO, you're saying there's a CHANCE . . ." referring to the possible spin-off of the ill-fated characters like his'.

On the other hand, Norman Reedus posted an Instagram entry as if reminiscing on his good old days on the show. The photo is a candid shot of himself, McBride, and former co-star Andrew Lincoln, who played the role of Rick Grimes.

The behind-the-scene snap shows the trio holding hands. The said photo is said to be for a 2015 "Entertainment Weekly" cover.

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