Miley Cyus Made Massive Realization After 2013 VMAs Twerking Performance

Miley Cyrus discussed how her 2013 VMA performance made her realize just how powerful her platform is. To think she was already very, very famous at the time.  

Speaking at Mix 104.1's Karson & Kennedy Talk with Famous People, Miley revealed how she was caught off guard with the impact of her actions. Things she did not think were of importance actually caused people to bash her and debate with each other. 

With all the hate she was getting, instead of wallowing in pain, she even realized this place her in a unique position to change the world. 

"I really woke up to that during the VMAs in 2013 because I realized how much attention could be on me for such a silly reason. Like, I was a sexy bear. I mean, doesn't everyone when they're in their 20s dress as a sexy bear at some point. I wasn't doing anything that different than, like, ya know, probably one of the college halloween parties. So it really would've been the idea that I can create so much noise, but it's only focused on me, it's only focused on my performance. It doesn't feel like there's a greater purpose. And I realized the power of my platform and how many people I could get talking. And, I'm like, 'what is this talking then turned into conversations?' Come up with healthy debating, people being heard. Just kind of redirecting some of the focus..," she shared. 

It can be remembered that Miley Cyrus' VMA 2013 performance shcoked everyone. She was 20 at the time andher performance with Robin Thicke triggered many haters and trolls. 

While onstage, Miley twerked and wagged her tongue. For entertainment purposes, fans surely did not see anything wrong with it. More conservative individuals however, especially parents who once thought she was a great "role model" for their children, thought she went too much. Her provocative outfit aggravated the criticisms. 

AT the time though, the young singer had a message for her haters - they are overthinking things. She also said that she would not dwell on the negative. 

Miley even said " How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?" Cyrus asked. "Madonna's done it, Britney's done it. Every VMA performance. Anyone that performs, that's what you're looking for. You are wanting to make history." 

It's apparent Cyrus has always been feisty through and through. 

On the present interview, she also said Dolly Parton is so much better in real life, and she is her real-life hero. This is not surprising, since this is not the first time Miley said she loves Parton

Asked If she can get Billy Idol to perform with her, the singer confidently hinted that it is possible, only if the COVID-19 pandemic is over and they can do it live. Getting Idol to figure out Zoom and perform with her is not a great idea, she joked. 

The whole interview showed how mature and dedicated Miley is actually to her craft, even if she's constantly bashed. She even shared how the pandemic made her even more creative with how she makes music. 

The whole interview can be watched here

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