If you think the love story of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill might not be more inspirational, think again. The lovely couple celebrated 24 years of union on Tuesday, October 6. McGraw just posted a beautiful new salute to his long-time bride.

McGraw did magnify all the aspects of their union by highlighting their great moments to the painful and unwelcome one. Hence, he made the anniversary post of this year much more unique. That's love for sure.

McGraw's stand

McGraw posted a video devoted to Hill on Instagram. He used the "Hard to Stay Mad At" song from his newly released Here on Earth record. In the film, during their union, pictures of Tim McGraw and Hill flash by.

While Faith Hill's 53-year-old partner agreed that the future reveals some of the same scenario, he said travel through life with her partner is what makes it all worthwhile.

Earlier this month, Tim McGraw shared a mini music video. It loaded with touching throwback images of Hill and their girls for his track Gravy. Is it just us, or did McGraw and Hill's love for each other genuinely revived by the release of Here on Earth?

Partner swipes back with a sillier post

Hill also posted a video of the couple in a smoldering slow dance early in August. That was just before the album's publication. Their daughters recorded and cheered them on. Snaps of the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill holding hands, goofing about, and exchanging lots of kisses were included in the cute and long picture montage. 

On her own website, Faith posted a shorter and sillier homage. A funny image of herself hiding her expression with a turtleneck was shared there by the country songstress. The photo also shows the spouse shielded his skin by hand.

Two years before tying the knot with him, Faith had terminated her first marriage to music executive Daniel Hill. The pair now share their children: Grace, 23, Maggie, 22, and Audrey, 18.

What makes a successful marriage?

Obviously, they work things out in every aspect. When asked in 2017 why their partnership fits so well, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill pointed again to a successful marriage's inevitably flawed yet beautiful existence.

"She tolerates a lot," McGraw joked of their success during a Today show appearance. Hill added, "We like each other. We do actually like one another," to which McGraw agreed, "That's the key, for sure."

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