Bruce Willis returns to his "Die Hard" role, but it is not what fans expect.

The sixth "Die Hard" film is yet to be released, but Willis found a way to reprise his role as detective John McClane in a short ad.

On Sunday, NFL viewers of the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers game became the first people to see Willis' return.

The clip showed Willis playing his detective role again to promote DieHard car batteries.

In just two minutes, the award-winning actor hyped fans while doing his job to sell the products.

Bruce Willis Stars Battery Commercial

At the beginning of the video, Willis said while in character: "Well, you wanted the quite life, John."

The detective then attempted to run his engine but it keeps on failing. After multiple failed tries, he decided to walk down an empty streets while the narration continued to play.

John eventually met Theo (played by Clarence Gilyard), who pointed his finger to him before firing a "fake shot" to the detective.

The signature action-packed scene began when two SUVs and a group of men began to travel closer to him.

Of course, the camera suddenly focused on an Advance Auto Parts employee, who welcomed John to the store as he crashed through the glass window. Nostalgic!

He then requested one of the DieHard batteries. While holding the product, he entered the vent to make his way out of the store.

Again, the action did not stop as his enemies continuously fired gunshots at him.

His driver, Argyle (De' voreaux White), appeared on screen to save the lead character.

From there, the action just went on, from being T-boned by their foes' vehicles to changing the car battery in the most breathtaking way.

After installing his DieHard battery, Willis' car engine finally started. To end the two-minute campaign, John initiated an explosion by throwing a grenade at the antagonists.

"Die Hard" Is Really Back?

Willis' comeback as John received approvals from netizens. However, his appearance on the Advance Auto Parts commercial also ignited the talks about his possible comeback for the sixth "Die Hard" film.

On Saturday, Willis' daughter Rumer shared a cut clip of the commercial on her Instagram page. She wrote "#DieHardisBack" with a pair of eyeballs, seemingly telling people to watch out.

The teaser ended with, "As one story ends, a new one begins."

In 2018, the 20th Century Fox began talks about the possible sixth installment of the "Die Hard" franchise. But due to its deal with Disney, the next film seemed to have been crossed out of their priorities.

Despite that, the creators of the film already hinted that the next "Die Hard" flick would be called "McClane" which is expected to follow the story of the 60-year-old detective.

"You can tell our intention by the fact that the title page we handed in says, McCLANE," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told Empire magazine. "We want you to get invested in John McClane more than ever before. I don't know how you do Die Hard without Bruce."

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